IRELAND July 2012


Monday 30th July 2012 The Mourne Mountains, N Ireland


Slieve Donard and Slieve Commedagh From The Road Just North of Newcastle, Co Down

Crossing The River at The Back of The Car Park in Newcastle

A Good Path Takes up Through The Roderdendrums

Following The River up its Eastern Bank

Taking The High Road

Crossing Over to The Western Bank

Out into More Open Space

The Sun Comes Out

We Can Now See Where we Are Heading

Still Following The River at The Side of  Donard Wood

The Path Will Lead us All The Way to The Lowest Point on The Skyline

Leaving The Wood Way Behind

Approaching The Col

Time to Look Back at Our Path up From Newcastle

The Mourne Wall That Links 15 Summits Built by The Belfast Water Commissioners Built in The 1800s 

Following The Wall to Slieve Donard 

The Wall Gets Steeper 

Behind us The Wall Goes All The Way to Slieve Commedagh

Higher we go


Pointing Over to Slieve Commedagh 

Reaching The Top of Slieve Donard

Lunch Time on The Summit of Slieve Donard

The Summit of Slieve Donard

Getting Ready to Leave The Summit of Slieve Donard

Following The Wall All The Way Back to The Col 

Slieve Bearnagh From Slieve Donard

Not Far Now

Heading up The Other Side of The Col Towards Slieve Commedagh

Looking Back at The Col

Nearly There

Ladder Stile at The Top of Slieve Commedagh

You Can Clearly See The Wall Going All The Way to Slieve Bearnagh

Leaving The Ladder Stile Behind

Looking Towards Slieve Donard From The Summit of Slieve Commedagh

Heading Down East Towards Newcastle

Looking Down Towards Newcastle 

Our Route to The Col Clearly Seen

The Steep Decent Back Down Towards The Path

Following The Edge of Donard Wood

Back on The Path Back

Car Park and Newcastle Not Far Now

Tuesday 31st July 2012  Slieve Snaght, Inishowen Peninsula. County Donegal, Eire.

Lets Get Booted up

Leaving the Road

Above Lake Turk

Using a Trench Cut in The Peat as Our Guide

Who put That There

Still Climbing

Now Following an Old Fence

Looks Like a Bit of a Drop

Dropping Down

Then Climbing up

Leaving The Peat Hags for The Time Being

A Bit of Lunch

Now we Can Start to Climb Slieve Snaght

Now Far Now

The Top of Slieve Snaght

The Shelter on The Summit of Slieve Snaght

The Piles of Stones All Over The Top

In The Shelter on The Summit of Slieve Snaght

The Architecture on the Summit of Slieve Snaght (Natural or Manmade)

Leaving The Summit of Slieve Snaght

Nearing Lake Turk and The Road

Nearly There Now

Last Bit on The Road

Wednesday 1st August 2012  Muckish and Errigal, County Donegal, Eire.

Cars Parked Just Passed The Highest Point on The Road

Leave The Rucksacks Behind For a Quick Assault of Muckish

The Cars Now Only Specks

The Higher we go The Weather Gets Worse

Now in Strong Wind and Rain

All These Cairns on The Summit Muckish 

This Little Stone Shelter is Not The True Summit

The Massive Pile of Stones That Mark The Summit of Muckish

Out of The Wind and Rain The Cars Come Into View

Drive Around to Below Errigal 

The Boggy Track to The Base of Mackoght

Errigal and Mackoght From The South

First View of Aghia More From Near The Top of Mackoght

Aghia More and Altan Lough From The Summit of Mackoght

  Errigal From The Summit of Mackoght 

Leaving Mackoght Behind

  Errigal Dead Ahead

Heading Towards The Very Windy Southern Ridge of Errigal

As we Near The Ridge The Wind is Increasing in Strength

Cannot Hardly Stand up in The Very Strong Wind Whipping up Around The Southern Ridge 

Thursday 2nd August 2012  Blue Stack  Mountains, County Donegal, Eire.

At Last Arriving at the Starting Point of Our Walk

Leaving The Farmstead Behind in Glorious Sunshine

Picking Our Way Through the Peat Hags

Looking Back Down The Valley 

Still Going up

The Start of The Ridge for The Blue Stack Mountains 

High on The Ridge Now

Our First Summit

A Huge Precariously Placed Van Sized Boulder Just Waiting to Fall on us

Leaving the Boulder Behind

Starting to Climb Again

Keep Going

Another Summit our Second of the Day

Leaving The Summit Behind

Standing on Top of a Quartzite Outcrop

As Good as any Place to Stop for Lunch

Leaving the Quartzite Outcrop 

Carrying on to the Next Summit

The Quartzite Outcrop Standing Out Against the Surrounding Rocks

Standing Out Even More The Further Away You Get (Very Usual)

A Pile of Stones Marking Our Route

Pick a Style

The Concept of Hide 'n' Seek is Lost on Some People

Yes It's Still Visible 

The Quartzite Outcrop Looking Like it's Been Dumped From The Back of a Lorry

Dropping Off to the Next Top 

Staring to Climb Again

Still Going up

Nearly There and The Quartzite Outcrop is Still Just Visible

The Last Summit of the Day

Leaving The Summit Behind and Dropping Back Down to The Valley

Crossing The Bridge to The Lane on the Valley Floor

The Last Leg Back Towards The Car

Friday 3rd August 2012  Slieve League, County Donegal, Eire.

We Travel All Morning in Driving Rain and The View of The Slieve League Cliffs is not Looking Good

As we Set off From The Bunglas Car Park The Clouds Change From Dark Gray to Light Gray

Now There's a Novelty, a Hand Rail

Steps Lead us Above The Car Park

Are The Clouds Beginning to Lift

The Steps Are Replaced With a Muddy Path

Then no Path at All

Higher we go

Nearing the Ridge at the Start of The Cliffs

The Clouds Start to Break up 

I Can Nearly See the Bottom

The Day is Getting Better all the Time

Come on Keep up

Is The Bottom is Now Visible

Now That Better

The Clouds Have Lifted All Over Now

A Bit of Sun Shine

Still Higher we go

Lets go Over That Peak

Looking Down Along The Cliffs Towards The Lighthouse on Rathlin O' Birne Island

Up Ahead The Pilgrims Route Coming up From the Valley Floor

At The Foot of Our First Peak

Climbing Again

Up and Over This Lump

Looking Back at the Car Park

Heading Towards that Pointy Bit of Cliff

  The Last Bit on The Pointy Bit

 Bunglas Car Park Again

Below us The Inland Pilgrims Route 

Some more Cliffs Ahead

Come on Lets Get to The Top of That One

Nearly There

Keep Going

Come on Keep up

Lets Have a Breather

High Above The Car Park With County Sligo On The Horizon

One Man Pass and The Summit of Slieve League Now Dead Ahead

The Start of One Man Pass

One Man Pass

Stomach in Chest Out

The Summit of Slieve League  

Leaving Slieve League for Malin Beg 

Down Steeply Towards the Sea 

Come on and Join me

Looking Back to the Car Park From The Rock Tower

All Smiles at the Rock Tower

Leaving The Tower Behind

Even More Steeply Down

Its Not That Funny Walking on Peat

On the Edge of the Peat Bog

Leaving the Cliffs Behind for the Beach

First Sight of The Beach at Malin Beg

The Beach Looks Even Better the Nearer we Get

Nearly There Now

Where is Everyone

Wow What a Way to End a Walk

It's Not That Cold

The Beach From The Car Park

Saturday 4th August 2012 Poison Glen Horseshoe, County Donegal, Eire.

Heading off into Poison Glen Towards The Derryveagh Mountians 

We are Aiming for the Dip in the Ridge

The Dip is Really a Crag and Looks More Intimidating the Nearer we get to it

Up we go

Looking Back Down Poison Glen From Inside the Crag

Nearing The Top of The Crag

Errigal Looking Down on Lough Dunlewy 

High on The Ridge Now

Going up Again 

Then Down Again

That Looks Like More up

Still Going up

At Last The Highest Point on Our Walk Slieve Snaght 

Now The Down Bit

Very Steadily we Pick Our Way Down

Still Going Down

Back on the Level Ground 

Making Our Way Slowly Back Through The Bog

Errigal Getting Nearer all the Time

The River is Our Guide Through This Boggy Flat Bit

A Quick Drink



Errigal Looking Down on The Old Church at Dunlewy 

Looking Back at Slieve Snaght 

The Old Pack Horse Bridge and The Derryveagh Mountians From Near Dunlewy

The Last View of Poison Glen


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