Wednesday 13th April 2017


Parked Away from the Mine Entrance

This Looks Like the Right Place

My Ride Awaits me from Doug the Dumper Man

WHEE! This is a Real Treat

Nearly at the Mine with The Corbett Farragon Hill in the Distance on the Left

Doug the Dumper Man Drops me off and Goes Back to Work

One the Catchment Pools near the Mine

The Track Ends Abruptly with Farragon Hill Dead Ahead

Farragon Hill Getting Nearer 

To the South Smoke coming from a Ghost Train or Burning Back the Heather on a Grouse Moor

The Corbett Meall Tairneachan above Foss Mine with the Munro Schiehallion on the Right

The Tourist Route Path Clearly Visible on this Close up of Schiehallion (Bagged 1998) 

The Trig Point Clearly Visible on this Close up of Meall Tairneachan above Foss Mine

Meall Tairneachan from the Pile of Stones on the Summit of Farragon Hill  

Looking back at Farragon Hill  

Frog Spawn in a Puddle on the Track

Back at Foss Mine which Mines Barite which is used in the Production of North Sea Oil

One of Several Places where Lime is Added to the Waste Water from the Mining to Soften it

One of the Foss Mines Underground Dumper Trucks

The Escape Ladder Right Above the Tunnel Entrance

Higher up Another Escape Hatch

The Old Tunnel Entrance on the Zig Zag down to the Mine

Looking Back at Farragon Hill from above the Mine

Here Comes Doug the Dumper Man

There Goes Doug the Dumper Man with Farragon Hill in the Distance

Meall Tairneachan from the Mine Road

Farragon Hill and the Mine Road Passing Place from the Eastern Crags of Meall Tairneachan

The Trig Point on the Summit of Meall Tairneachan with the Munro Schiehallion to the West

Schiehallion from the Cairns on the Western top on Meall Tairneachan

Schiehallion from the Mine Road

Schiehallion from a Bend in the Mine Road

Look Who's Hitched a lift Back Through the Woods


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