BASECAMP Day 1 Day 2 Day 3


Day 1 Tuesday 17th July 2018 Bull Bay to Cemaes Bay

Setting Off from Bull Bay

Should Have no Problem Finding our Path

On the Coastal Path East of Bull Bay

The Heather is out on this Moorland Part of the Path

The Yellow & Black Striped Caterpillar of the 'Cinnabar Moth'

Approaching the Headland of Trwynbychan

First View of the Old Abandoned Porth Wen Brickworks

A Little Red Fishing Boat in the Bay

The Little Red Fishing Boat Leaving the Bay After Checking his Lobster Pots

The Brickworks and the Headland of Torilwyn

Close up of the Rock Arch at the Brickworks

Heading for the Brickworks

The Remains of the Boiler house

A Pose by the Rock Arch

Looking Around the Porth Wen Brickworks

Exploring one of the Distinctive Beehive Shaped Kilns.

Looking Back on the Old Works

Walking up to the Mast on the Headland of Torilwyn

Looking West to the Path Ahead

A Pose Above Porth Cynfor (Hell's Mouth)

Heading for (Hell's Mouth)

Dropping Down into (Hell's Mouth)

Easy Does it

Not Hanging Around in the Mouth of Hell

Climbing up to Llanlleiana Head

Looking Out to Sea from Llanlleiana Head Wales Most Northerly Point

The Old Summerhouse on Llanlleiana Head

Looking Down to Some more Old Industrial Ruins in Porth Llanlleiana

The Ruined Works at Porth Llanlleiana

Leaving the Ruins Behind

Climbing out of Porth Llanlleiana

A Small Boat Circles the Island of Ynys Badrig (Middle Mouse)

Heading off Again after Watching a School of Porpoises Far Out to Sea

The Small Red Fishing Boat Again

The Boat Disappearing Around the Old Summerhouse on Llanlleiana Head

The Decommissioned Wylfa Head Nuclear Power Station comes into View

All Smiles in the Sunshine

Last Climb of the Day onto Llanbadrig Point

On the Headland of Llanbadrig Point

A New Coastal Path Sign

Cemaes Bay

Walking Alongside the Sea Wall

St Patrick's Bell in the Bay

Boats in Cemaes Harbour

The Stag Inn is the Most Northern Pub in Wales


Day 2 Wednesday 18th July 2018 Lligwy Bay to Amlwch Port


Parked up on the N/W Car Park in Lligwy Bay

Looking out over the Sands of Lligwy Beach

Dog Walkers Enjoying a Stroll 

This Small Cove has a Shingle Beach

I Wonder What he is Building Now?

An African Woman Carrying her Laundry

Out to Sea a Moored up Tanker & the Island of Ynys Dulas with it's Refuge Tower

Natter Natter 

A Dead Dogfish Washed up on the Beach

Where's my Footprints?

A Large Washed up Lionís Mane Jellyfish

We Need to go Paddling to Cross Dulas Bay at Low Tide

HOOO! That's Cold!

Nearly Back on Dry Land (Ouch! Ouch!)

A Ship Wreck in the Bay

Just the Ribs of this Other Ship Wreck Lie on the Edge of the Bay

All Smiles Now we are Back on Dry Land

The Church and the Tale of the Landowner's Wicked Son

Still Nattering 

Out There!

A Family of Seals Bobbing About

Another View of the Island of Ynys Dulas

Suitably Nourished with Martin's Mums Bread Pudding we set of Again

In Amongst the Ferns Again

Heading for the Lighthouse on Point Lynas

Point Lynas Lighthouse from Porth Eilian

Looking Back at the Lighthouse

Ffynnon Eilian the Holy Well of Saint Eilian (A Cursing Well)

Crossing the Wooden Bridge Below the Well

"Are You Sure it's Safe"

"Keep Going"

"I've Never Been This Close to a Moorland Fire Before"

The Little Red Fishing Boat from Yesterday 'the LILLY-V' Moored up in Amlwch Harbour

A Rusted Anchor Covered in Poppies at the Side of the Harbour

Leaving Amlwch Harbour After Cream Teas

Day 3 Thursday 19th July 2018 Lligwy Bay to Red Wharf Bay

Boots on this Time at the S/E Car Park on Lligwy Bay

A Squaw Waiting Outside the Tepee

Lligwy Bay

Heading for Moelfre

The Island of Ynys Moelfre where the 'Hindlea' run Aground

Over There!

The Moelfre Lifeboat Station

Inside the the Lifeboat Station

The Memorial the Coxwain Richard Evans for his Rescue of the Crew of the 'Hindlea'

Competition Time Again

And the Winner is?

Looking Back at the Lifeboat Station

Still Nattering this Time on Bychan Beach

Climbing Again

Into the Woods we go

Fishing on the Rocks

Walking Through the Caravan Park at the Resort of Benllech

Tea & Ice Cream Overlooking the Bay

Walking on the Sea Front at Benllech

Looking Back at the Cafe and the Caravan Park

Time to Think on Benllech Beach

A Boat in the River Near the Car Park

Picking up the Car

The Ship Inn Across the Bay (I Wonder what the Girls are Doing?)

Finishing off a Jug of Pimms Outside the Ship Inn on Red Wharf Bay


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