ISLE OF ARRAN March 2012


Saturday 31st March 2012 (Travelling Day)


Boarding the Ferry at Ardrossan for Brodick (Isle of Arran)

Looking Over the Harbour Wall From the Ferry Towards Arran

Arran Now Dead Ahead

Could be a Greek Island 

Goatfell From The Ferry

Beinn Nuis and Beinn Tarsuinn From The Ferry

Goatfell From Brodick

What a Cracking Day For a Walk

Beinn Nuis and Beinn Tarsuinn From Glen Rosa

Doing up New Boots in Glen Rosa

The Bridge in Glen Rosa Where we Take a Left and Start to Climb

Cir Mhor on The Left With (Witches Step) Behind and The Western Face of Goatfell

Climbing up The Side of Garbh Allt

Looking Back Down Glen Rosa

Tomorrows Hill Cir Mhor From The Southern Flanks Beinn Nuis 

Goatfell From The Ascent of Beinn Nuis

Look Back Down South East to Brodick Bay

The Top of Beinn Nuis Getting Closer and The Grass Still Very Dry For The Time of Year

Ferry Arriving at Brodick

High Above Brodick

The Last Pull up to Beinn Nuis

Climbers on The Summit of Beinn Nuis

The Summit Getting Nearer

Any Help Much Appreciated

The Summit of Beinn Nuis with Beinn Tarsuinn to the North

Brodick and Beyond to the Right is Holy Island

Ailsa Craig to The South

The Paps of Jura to The North West

Leaving The Summit Doing up New Boots Yet Again For The Umpteenth Time

Leaving The Summit of  Beinn Nuis 

A Long Way Down

The Top Of  Beinn Tarsuinn Just Ahead

The Old Man of Beinn Tarsuinn 


Brodick Bay, Holy Island and Lamlash Bay Fron The Beinn Tarsuinn Ridge

Close to The Summit of Beinn Tarsuinn 

The Top Beinn Tarsuinn From The South


Should Have Got New Socks as well

Goatfell From The Summit of Beinn Tarsuinn

This Way

Opps Gone to Far and Missed The Connecting Ridge to Beinn a' Chliabain

On The Correct Ridge

Beinn Tarsuinn from Beinn a' Chliabain

Beinn Nuis and Beinn Tarsuinn from Croc Breac 

Brodick Bay and Glen Rosa

Not Far Now

Sunday 1st April 2012

Yesterdays Walk Beinn Nuis and Beinn Tarsuinn From Brodick Bay

Early Gorse in Glen Rosa

The Glenrosa Water

Heading Up Glen Rosa Again

First View of Cir Mhor by The Footbridge

Cir Mhor Now Dead Ahead

Looking Back Down Glen Rosa

Cir Mhor Starting to Disappear 

Glen Rosa From The Saddle

Looking Down to The Saddle From The East Ridge of  Cir Mhor

The Summit of Cir Mhor

First Meeting With The Lost Boys

Leaving The Lost Boys Behind For The Northern Ridge Cir Mhor and The Next Corbett

Getting Colder in That Wind

On The Curved Southern Ridge of Caisteal Abhail

Come on Keep up

Leaving The Wild Summit of Caisteal Abhail

On The Ridge Back to Cir Mhor

A Grumpy Old Man With Lots of Green Hair

Heading Back up to Cir Mhor

Are You Sure This is The Path Back to The Saddle?

Looking Back up to The Saddle and What Was Cir Mhor (I Hope The Lost Boys Have Made it OK)

Monday 2nd April 2012 (Travelling Day)

I Think its This Way

Brodick Castle as we Walk Through The Grounds

Still in The Castle Grounds

I Think its This Way

First Glimpse of Goatfell From The Castle Grounds 

At Last Open Moorland

High Above Brodick Bay

Ferry Leaving The Harbour With The Peak of Holy Island Clearly in View From The Next Bay

On Meall Breac The Eastern Ridge of Goatfell

That's it Look Like Your Enjoying it

The Final Slog up to The Summit

So Where Exactly is Ireland? (The Summit of Goatfell

Heading Back Down The East Ridge

Cleared up Enough Now to See Glen Sannox


Brodick Bay

Goatfell Now Much Clearer

The Next Ferry Will be Ours

Keeping up a Brisk Pace for The Cameras

Brodick Castle

Gunneras Waiting in Line to Take Over The Planet From The Castle Grounds

Goatfell From Brodick Bay 

Cars Leaving The Ferry

Goatfell Overlooking The Passengers Boarding

Last Look at Beinn Nuis, Beinn Tarsuinn and Glen Rosa From The Ferry

Goatfell and Brodick Castle From The Ferry

Glen Rosa, Beinn Nuis, Beinn Tarsuinn and Goatfell From The Ferry


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