Wednesday 15th March 2023


Leaving Auswick via Wood Lane (Road)

Looking N/E Towards 'Moughton' our 1st Hill

To the N/W is 'Norber' our 2nd Hill

Close up of the Cliffs on 'Robin Proctor's Scar'

Wood Lane (Track) with 'Moughton' Dead Ahead

A Pair of Lambs in the Snow

The Track to Wharfe

A Pose on the Track

The Hamlet of Wharfe

Leaving Wharfe and Heading for the Hills

Straight Ahead to the Gap

Into the Gap

Snow Getting Deeper in the Gap

A Mini Malham Cove in 'Studrigg Scar'

A Close up of the Icicles

Climbing by the Side of the Mini Malham Cove up 'Studrigg Scar'

A Pose in the Cliffs

Nearly at the Top

A Close up of Auswick from 'Studrigg Scar'

Up & Over a Ladder Stile on the Top of 'Studrigg Scar'

Heading for the Summit

I'm Coming

Nearly There


Jogging to the Summit

Reaching the Trig Point

A Pose on the Summit of 'Moughton' Our 1st Hill Today

Lunch out of the Wind with the Juniper Trees

A Pose by the Top of the Auswick to Horton Track near 'Moughton Scars'

Another Pose

Looking Down 'Crummack Dale' from 'Moughton Scars'

A Pose Above 'Crummack Dale'

'Moughton Scars'

Snow Covered 'Inglebourgh' from 'Moughton Scars'  

Walking Along the Top of the Cliffs on 'Moughton Scars'

Looking Back at the Summt of 'Moughton' from the Scars

'Crummack Dale' Still Holding a Fine Dusting of Snow

Walking Past the Stone Cairn near 'Beggers Stile' 

Click Click on the Limestone

Admiring the Limestone Pavements

A Close up of 'Pen-y-ghent' from 'Sulber Gate' on 'Thieves Moss'

'Inglebourgh' form near 'Long Scar'

The Summit of 'Long Scar' 

A Pose by the Very Large Cairn on 'Long Scar' 

Leaving 'Long Scar' and Heading for 'Norber' with 'Pen-y-ghent' in the Background

A Selfie on the Summit of our 2nd Hill 'Norber' (Last Visited all Together in January Last Year)

Click Click on the Summit

Leaving 'Norber' and Heading Down

A Lone Hawthorn Tree

Up & Over a Ladder Stile and into the Norber Boulder Fields  

Most of the Snow has Melted as we Head Back to Auswick

Passing a Large Norber Boulder

Walking Through the Lower Boulder Field

'Robin Proctor's Scar'


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