Wednesday 22nd October 2014


Setting Off

"That's Where we are Going"

Leaving the Car Park Through a Very Autumnal Scene

Starting to Climb Higher Through the Woods

A Quick Breather

At the Top of the Woods it's a bit Greener

That Looks Like a Slippery Stepping Stone

Walking Through the Ferns at Their Autumn Best

"I will do it for you"

That Way

Reaching Loch a' Choire

A Little Help Stepping Over the Outflow of the Loch

Leaving the Loch Behind us

The Start of the Hill Proper Now

You Have to Laugh

Keep Going

Drizzling Harder with Thicker Cloud as Near the Summit

Clinging on to the Windy Summit of Ben Vrackie

Leaving the Summit of Ben Vrackie

At Last we Drop Below the Thickest of the Cloud and the Loch Comes into View Again

Just Visible the River Tummel

Heading Back Down to the Loch

Another Stepping Stone

The River Tummel and Pitlochry

For the First Time Today the Cloud Clears Briefly from Ben Vrackie as we Enter the Woods 

Another Very Autumnal Scene in the Woods Above the Car Park

Thursday 23rd October 2014

Setting Off Again

Walking Under a Lovely Old Pine Tree Having a Break

An Lochan Uaine

The South Face of Meall a' Bhuachille

Looking Back at the Glen More Track Coming out of the Woods

Opening the Sweets

Glen More and the Ryvoan Pass

Arriving at the Ryvoan Bothy

Sat Down Again This Time Inside the Bothy

Leaving the Bothy

Starting to Climb

Looking Back at the Bothy

Over There

Looking Back Down the Ryvoan Pass and An Lochan UaineSat

Higher we go

Into the Wind

Nearly There

Sat Down Again This Time on the Summit of Meall a' Bhuachille

Leaving the Summit Behind

Heading West with Loch Morlich in the Glen Below

There Really is Gold at the End of a Rainbow

Our Path Leaves the High Ground to get off this Very Windy Hill

Dropping Down Towards Glen More

Looking Back up the West Ridge of Meall a' Bhuachille

The Concept of Hide and Seek is Lost on Some People

Meall a' Bhuachille from the South on the Road to the Ski Centre

Friday 24th October 2014

Starting off yet Again This Time in Drizzle

You Don't See a Sign Like This Everyday

Pheasants Crossing the Track

More Pheasants in the Woods 

Climbing up Through the Woods on the Burma Road

Hoof Fungus or Tinder Fungus Found Mainly on Birch Trees and can be used to Light Fires

Above the Woods Now

Crossing a Bridge on the Burma Road

To the East Yesterdays Hill Meall a' Bhuachille and Loch Morlich

Leaving the Summit of the Burma Road to Climb Geal-charn Mor

The Higher we go the Darker it Gets

The Summit is Here Somewhere

The Damp Summit of Geal-charn Mor

Doughnuts on the Summit of the Burma Road

Back Down the Burma Road

Jogging Back Down

Close up of Meall a' Bhuachille

Heading Back Down to Aviemore for Coffee and Cake

This Way Back


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