Saturday 15th November 2014


Leaving the the Car Park at the End of Cwm Cywarch

First Obstacle Crossing the Ford 

Starting to Climb out of the Valley

High Above the Car Park

"Come on Keep up"

Higher we go

Heading Towards the Ridge

Into the Clouds Now

Passing a Small Loch Near the Summit of Glasgwm

Another Obstacle at the Summit of Glasgwm

Lunch Below the Cloud

Makeshift Planks Over a Bog

Steady on the Very Slippery Planks

The Higher we Climb the Better the Weather

The Top of Glasgwm Now Just Above the Clouds with Cadair Idris in the Distance

Nearing the Summit Trig Point on Aran Fawddwy

Jeff on Top with David Nearly There

Last Man up

Looking S/W Towards the Now Clear Glasgwm From Aran Fawddwy

Just Visible a Brocken Spectre of Aran Fawddwy

Another Group of Walkers to the South on the Ridge at Drws Bach

John on Aran Fawddwy

David Enjoying the Last of the Warm Rays of the Sun on the Trig Point

Leaving the Summit and Heading South

Me and my Shadow

The Cairn Dedicated to a Lighting Victim on Drws Bach

Leaving Drws Bach Behind

A Brocken Spectre from the Ridge Below Drws Bach

Looking Down the Hengwn Valley from Above the Corrie

Approaching the Head of the Valley

Heading Down the Hengwn Valley

The Eastern Cliffs of Glasgwm

Sunday16th November 2014

Boots on Near the Quarry

Setting Off Down the Road Under the Old State Rail Track From the Quarry

The Tarmac Road Deteriorates to a Gravel Track

Then Deteriorates Further to Grass

A Path Alongside a Boundary Wall is then Followed as we Climb

Heading for the Clouds

Leaving the Wall and Continuing to Follow the Fence the the Summit

Picking Our Way Through the Crags

Not Much Chance of a View Today

"This Way Over Here"

The Summit of Arenig Fawr where there is a Plaque in Memory of 8 US Airmen who's Plane Crashed Here

Leaving the Summit Behind

The Fence Acts as Our Guide Back

Following the Fence

Heading Back Below the Clouds Again


   Copyright 2014 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.