Wednesday 12th May 2019 Causeway Coastal Path


Starting off at Dunseverick Harbour

Up the Road

Down the Path

Over the Waterfall

Climbing a Ladder Stile

The Old Fish House now a Bothy for Kayakers in Port Moon

The Remains of Dunseverick Castle

Taking in the View

Port Moon & Portnagovna

The Vertical Cliffs on Contham Head

Zoom in on Rathlin Island and the Mull of Kintyre Beyond

We're on the Right Path

A Couple of Walkers on the Path

The Scottish Islands of Islay & Jura from the Coastal Path

Following the Cliff Path

Taking in the View Again

The Chimney Tops Just Visible on the Skyline Below the Cliffs

Climbing Steps Again

On top of the Eastern Cliffs of Benbane Head

"Keep Away from the Edge"

A Walker Taking a Breather on Benbane Head

Looking Back on the Western Cliffs of Benbane Head

More Steps

Port na Spaniagh where the Famous Spanish Treasure Ship 'La Girona' ran Aground after Escaping Drake's Armada

Passing the Chimney Tops

Looking across to Roveran Valley Head

Close up of a Couple on Roveran Valley Head

Looking into the Amphitheatre from Roveran Valley Head

Close up of the Crowds

Looking Down onto the Tourist Path

Heading Down to Join the Crowds

Heading Down to the Causeway

Steady on

A Pose on the Rocks

The Giant (Finn McCool) Taking a Selfie on the Causeway

Heading for the Water's Edge

Careful Now

"Down Here!"

A Pose near the Water's Edge

Looking N/E Towards the Chimney Tops

Looking S/W Towards Weir's Snout

A Pose on the Causeway

Another Pose on the Causeway

Looking along Coast

Walkers on the Cliffs near the Chimney Tops

Looking up at Aird Snout from the Columns

Cheers (Guinness is Good for you)


Thursday 13th May 2019 Rathlin Island


Our Ferry the Rathlin Express in Rathlin Harbour

Looking back down on Rathlin Harbour

One of the Car Free Lanes on the Island

The Spirit of Rathlin Ferry Arriving at the Harbour

Heading for the East Lighthouse

No Way Down

The East Lighthouse

The Wind Picks up

Heading for the Old Coastguard Station

A Pose on the Windy Cliffs

Nearly There

Give us a Wave

Zoomed in on the East Lighthouse from the Coastguard Station

A Seal and our Ferry the Rathlin Express Arriving in the Harbour


   Copyright 2019 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.