Wednesday 25th Oct 2023


Leaving the Car and Heading for our 1st Hill

The Car Parked by Dry Howe Bridge

Up and Over a Wire Fence

Looking Down at Dry Howe Farm

Zig Zagging up the Steep Pathless Slope

Looking Down on the Car Park

The Bannisdale Valley

"I Think he's Stuck"

Admiring the View from a Tall Thin Pile of Stones

"That's our 2nd hill and There's our 3rd & 4th Hill"

A Pose on Our 1st Hill 'Whiteside Pike'

"Brunt Knott" and the Green Fields of the Docker Nook

Leaving the Summit Crag

Heading for our Next Hill

Looking Back at 'Whiteside Pike'

Looking South to Morecambe Bay

Close up of Heysham Power Station (27 Miles Away) and Blackpool Tower (43 Miles Away)

All Smiles on the Summit of 'Todd Hill' our 2nd Hill

Looking Down to Longsleddale

Looking West to the Distant Coniston Hills

Heading to Our Next Hill

Leaving the Summit of our 3rd Hill 'Capplebarrow'

A Cairn on Route to our Next Hill as it Starts to Rain

Covering up on the Summit of our 4th Hill 'Swinklebank Crag'

A Pose on the Summit of 'Ancrow Brow' our 5th Hill

Lunch at our Halfway Point

Following the Cairns Around the Worst of the Bog

Out of the Bog and Heading for our Next Hill

Heading for the Summit

A Pose on the Summit of our 6th Hill 'Long Crag' on Bannisdale Fell

This Must be 'White Howe' our 7th Hill

Another Pose this Time by the Small Pile of Stones on our 8th Hill 'The Forest' on Borrowdale Head

Our Last Hill Dead Ahead "Where's that Bull"?

All Smiles on the Summit of our 9th and Final Hill 'Lamb Pasture'

Leaving 'Lamb Pasture'

Out of the Cloud and Admiring the View

The Car Park

Nearly Back Down


Looking Down at Dry Howe Farm


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