Tuesday 19th December 2023


Boots on Under 'Beamsley Beacon' (Howber Hill)

Heading up 'Beamsley Moor'

Looking Back at the Car Park

Nearly There

Looking North to 'Simon's Seat' on 'Barden Fell' (Bagged in January)

The Huge Pile of Stones and Trig Point on 'Beamsley Beacon'

Looking South to Ilkey and   "Ilkley Moor Baht 'atIlkley Moor Baht 'at"   from Last Week

A Pose with the Trig Point

Looking Back at 'Beamsley Beacon'

Reaching the Top of 'The Old Pike'

A Pose on Top of 'The Old Pike'

 Another Pose on the Top of 'The Old Pike'

Leaving 'The Old Pike'

Heading for 'Round Hill'

Keep Going

Not Far Now

A Break by the Wall near the Summit

Looking back at 'The Old Pike' and Distant 'Pendle Hill'

The Highest Point Today the Pile of Small Stones on the Summit of 'Round Hill'

RAF/US Menwith Hill Listening Station (Still Eavesdropping)

Following the Wall S/W from Summit of 'Round Hill'

Down Through the Grouse Killing Grounds

The Suns Come Out as we Head North Away from the Shooting Shelter

Following the Wall South Again

To the South is March Ghyll Reservoir

Into the Sun on Long Ridge as Red Kites Keep us Company

'Beamsley Beacon' above Ward's End Farm

Left I Think

Back to the Car


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