SCALES MAY 2015 (Blencathra)


Monday 4th May 2015 (Bank Holiday)


Setting off Above the White Horse in Scales

Climbing up Scales Fell

First view of Sharp Edge and Foule Crag

The Outflow of Scales Tarn

First View of Scales Tarn

Close up of Climbers on Sharp Edge

Our turn next on Sharp Edge and Foule Crag

Close up of a Couple of Climbers just in Front of us

Scales Tarn from the North

The Start of Sharp Edge

Easy does it

A Quick Pose

On the Edge

Come on this way

Nearing the end of the Level bit

That Looks a bit Steep Ahead

Climbing Foule Crag at the End of Sharp Edge


Easy Does it

Come on

Half way up Foule Crag

Last Few Steps

Scales Tarn from the top of Foule Crag

Climbers on Foule Crag from the Top of Atkinson Pike

Climbers on Sharp Edge

That Must be the top, but Where's the Trig Point?

Looking East over Scales Fell Towards the A66

The Missing Trig Point on Blencathra

Leaving Blencathra Behind and Heading North West on Mungrisdale Common

Derwent Water from Mungrisdale Common

The Summit of Mungrisdale Common

Heading Back up Blencathra

Via the top of Foule Crag on Atkinson Pike

Climbers on Sharp Edge from the North Under Foule Crag

Over the Summit of Blencathra a Helicopter Returning to North Wales After Dropping off a C2C Casualty in Carlisle

Scales Tarn From the Top of Blencathra

Climbers on Sharp Edge from the South on the Route back via Scales Fell

Looking South West from Scales Fell


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