Friday 09th Feb 2014 (Travelling Back Same Day)


A Damp Start from the Bruce's Stone Car Park

The Information Boards & Bruce's Stone

The Wet but Good Path

Buchan Burn

Logging Right on the Path (I wonder where they Came From?)

Mystery Solved

Cuisharg Bothy

You are Now Crossing the Line

The Start of the Blizzard

Getting Worse

Starting to Stick

Getting Deeper the Higher I Climb

Ice Formed on a Blades of Grass

Weather Now Much Better but the Snow Even Deeper

Dry Stone Wall on the Ridge Between Benyellary and Merrick

The North Eastern Face of Benyellary 


The North Eastern Face of Benyellary

 More Ice on Blades of Grass

The Dry Stone Wall on the Ridge Between Benyellary and Merrick

The Last View of Benyellary and my Footprints Before the Whiteout

The Frozen Summit Trig Point of Merrick

Back Down in the Woods Below the Snow Line 

Cuisharg Bothy Through the Trees

Bruce's Stone Now in Sunshine

Friday 21st Feb 2014 (Travelling Back Same Day)

The Start of The Walk a Short Cut Just South of the Main Car Park

The Short Cut Route not Recommended

After Scrambling Under and Over Dozens of Fallen Trees and Getting Two Wet Feet,

One Crossing a Fast Flowing Burn the Other in a Hidden Drainage Trench.

  I Finally Make to the Tourist Route Path. (Short Cut Route not Recommended)

A Small Lochan near the Top of Cornish Hill

The Footpath Leading to One of the Many Stone Cairns on Cornish Hill

The Very Difficult Walking Conditions Make the Assent a Long Slog Uphill 

A Little Frozen Lochan Just North of the Final Climb

The Ice Covered Trig Point on Shalloch on Minnoch,

but the True Summit is a Very Small Pile of Snow & Ice Covered Stones About 300m SE & 7m Higher

Following my Footprints Back Down Again

Loch Cornish with Shiel Hill in the Background

Loch Cornish and Shiel Hill from Cornish Hill

Loch Brandan From Cornish Hill

Fallen Trees Litter the Floor of the Woods

Moss Covered Logs at the Side of the Path

More Moss Covered Logs Long Since Chopped up and Forgotten About

More Fallen Trees

Stinchar Bridge, the Start of the Tourist Route

Wednesday 5th March 2014 (Travelling Back Same Day)

Figurehead From the Ship Black Watch at the Gateway to Forrest Lodge

I Wonder Who Birger Natvig was to Have a Road Named After Him

I'm not going to get Lost in This Wood

Yet Another Sign

Loch Harrow and the Eastern Spur of Corserine (North Gairy Top)

Power Station at Loch Harrow

Old Mooring Post on Loch Harrow

One of the Many Well Maintained Tracks Through The Forest

Now High Above Loch Mannock & Loch Harrow  

The Edge of North Gairy Top Hidden in the Clouds

On the Ridge Looking West Towards Corserine

Cracks Starting Appear on a Cornice Just N/W of the Summit

WOW! I Wonder How Deep These Cracks Are?

Just Visible the Far Edge of the Cornice and the Cracks Along its Near Edge

The Summit Trig Point on Corserine

Heading Back Down Now

A Stone Shelter Provides a Rest From The Icy Wind (A Good Place for Lunch)

North Gairy Top Now in Really Thick Cloud

Loch Harrow now Coming into View Again

More Storm Ravaged Trees Back Down in the Woods

Wednesday 19th March 2014 (Travelling Back Same Day)

The Bungalow at Bridgend at the Start of the FarmTrack

The Green Well of Scotland

The Farm Track by the Cow Sheds Should be Avoided at all Cost

Cairnsmore of Carsphairn Hidden Behind the Hills of Dunrool & Willienna

Looking back Towards Corserine 

After Leaving the Track a Dry Stone Wall is Followed all the way to the Summit

The Higher we go the Better the Weather

Looking Back Over Dunrool Towards Corserine  

The Summit Trig Point & Shelter on Cairnsmore of Carsphairn

Another Dry Stone Wall Leads all the way to Dunrool 

Cairnsmore of Carsphairn from the Summit of Dunrool

The Cornice from 2 Weeks ago can Still be Seen on Corserine


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