Sunday 5th February 2017


Boots on Below Base Brown and Sour Milk Gill

Under the Arch Through the Farm Buildings

Sour Milk Gill Straight Ahead

Crossing Over the River Derwent

An Awkward Slippery Ladder to Negotiate over the Wall

The River Derwent and Seathwaite

Sour Milk Gill Getting Nearer

And Bigger

Looking Down on Seathwaite

A Bit of a Scramble

The Top of Sour Milk Gill


Heading into the Gillercomb Corrie

The Col Between Base Brown & Green Gable just Ahead

A Level bit on Reaching the Col

Heading N/E Towards Base Brown

It's Around Here Somewhere

The Summit of Base Brown

Elevenses on the Summit of Base Brown

Posing over with Lets Eat!

Looking down Borrowdale from Base Brown

Leaving Base Brown Behind as we Start to Climb Green Gable

Crummock Water, Buttermere and Tiny Blackbeck Tarn

And Over There is?

Reaching the Summit of Green Gable

High Above Windy Gap

Heading Down to Windy Gap with Great Gable Towering Above

Styhead Tarn from the Ascent of Great Gable

A Lot more Snow up Here Amongst the Crags

Looking Back Across to the not so Green Gable

Close up of the Summit of Green Gable

A Lot More Ice as we Climb Higher

After Much Slipping and Sliding the Summit of Great Gable

A Close up of the Memorial on the Summit

After Much More Slipping and Sliding we Head Down Aaron Slack to Styhead Tarn

Out of the Snow Now as Styhead Tarn gets Nearer

Nearly There

In the Distance Seathwaite and the Borrowdale Valley

Nearly Back Down to the River

A Pose on Stockley Bridge

Base Brown from Stockley Bridge

Base Brown & Sour Milk Gill from the Car Park


   Copyright 2017 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.