Wednesday 23rd April 2014


Carn na Drochaide From the Linn of Dee Road

Car Park & Big Wooden Bridge at the Linn of Quoich with our Path Clearly Seen on the Moorland behind the Trees

The Track from Allanaquoich with the Eastern Edge of Creag Bhalg Ahead

Life & Death on the Moors with Carn na Drochaide in the Background

The Top of Carn na Criche Looking Towards Carn na Drochaide

The Summit of Carn na Drochaide with Beinn a' Bhuird Behind

A Pile of Stones on Carn Dearg Overlooking the Linn of Dee

Footpath Back to Car Park

Braemar from Carn Dearg

Morrone from Linn of Quoich

Thursday 24th April 2014

Car Park at Invercauld Bridge

Sculpture Seen Through the Trees on the Driveway to Invercauld House

Track Through Invercauld Woods

Culardoch Dead Ahead

Carn Liath on the Left of the Estate Track

Looking Back Down Towards Meall Gorm & Craig Leek

The Dry Stone Wall on the Top of Carn Liath

A Pile of Stones on Carn Liath Looking Towards Culardoch

Looking East Down Towards Braemar

The Summit of Carn Liath

Culardoch From the West is Now Just the Other Side of the  Estate Track

Stone Grouse Shooting Butt on the Side of Culardoch

Wooden Grouse Shooting Butt on the Side of Culardoch

The Summit of Culardoch Looking SW Towards the Lochnagar Group

Carn Liath From the East

Another One of the Many Stone Grouse Shooting Butts Just Off the Track

The Granite Tors on Ben Avon Over to the NW

Looking Back at Culardoch and That Track Again

Close up of the Lochnagar Group

Meall Gorm and the Last of the Track Before we Head Back into Invercauld Woods


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