Wednesday 3rd July 2019 (Coledale Horseshoe)


The Skiddaw Mountain Range on the Path from the Old Gravel Pit

Looking Down to Braithwaite

My Path Through the Ferns

Looking across Coldale to this Afternoons Walk

Braithwaite from the Ferns

Looking up to Sleet How and Grisedale Pike

Looking Back along the Lower Eastern Ridge to Grisedale Pike

The Wainwright Causey Pike (Bagged 2017) and in the Foreground Outerside for Later on this Afternoons

The Wainwrights Sail & Eel Crag (Crag Hill) across the Coledale Valley

Close up of the Sail Pass my Down Route

A Scotsman on Sleet How heading up the Eastern Ridge of Grisedale Pike

Looking back along Sleet How

Looking Down onto Force Crag Mine in the Coldale Valley

Sedbergh Woman Overtakes me and Sets her Sights on the Scotsman

The Coledale Valley from near the Summit

Sedbergh Woman Leaves the Scotsman for Dead near the Summit

The Summit of the Wainwright Grisedale Pike with Hopegill Head my next hill the Pointy one far right

Leaving Grisedale Pike

Hopegill Head

Looking over the S/W Top to Grasmoor

Grisedale Pike from the S/W Top

Force Crag Mine Again

Grisedale Pike and the S/W Top

Hopegill Head & the Hobcarton Valley

 Sedbergh Woman on the Summit of Hopegill Head

Looking North to Ladyside Pike from the Summit of my second Wainwright Today Hopegill Head

Looking West to the Wainwright Whiteside for Another Day

A Cowboy on the Summit of Hopegill Head   

Looking Down on Coledale Hause and up to Eel Crag from Sand Hill

Hopegill Head & Grisedale Pike from above Coledale Hause

Gasgale Crags on Whiteside

Looking Back to Hopegill Head & Sand Hill from the Path

A Couple of Walkers at the Top of the Path

Sedbergh Woman and the Scotsman on there way Down Grasmoor

Sedbergh Woman Overtakes the Scotsman Again and now has me in Her Sights

Looking Over to Grasmoor to be Climbed Another Day

The Summit of Eel Crag (Crag Hill) my third Wainwright Today

The Coledale Valley, Grisedale Pike, Force Crag Mine and Braithwaite from the Summit

The Two Smaller Hills Outerside & Barrow and the Much Bigger Causey Pike

The Wainwright Sail from the Path Down Eel Crag (Crag Hill)

A Fellwalker on Sail

Looking Down Along the Sail Beck Valley

Looking Back up to Eel Crag (Crag Hill)

The Summit of Sail my Fourth Wainwright Today

Grisedale Pike from the Summit of Sail

Hopegill Head from the Summit of Sail

Eel Crag (Crag Hill) from the Summit of Sail

The Ziggy Zaggy Path down to the Sail Pass

Hopegill Head, Grisedale Pike and the Force Crag Mine from the Sail Pass Path

A Closer Look at the Force Crag Mine

Looking Back at Sail & Eel Crag (Crag Hill) from the Path

Ahead is the Wainwright Outerside

Grisedale Pike and the Force Crag Mine

Thirsty Work on the Summit of Outerside my Fifth Wainwright Today

"And I'm Telling you that's where the Car is Parked"

Sail & Eel Crag (Crag Hill) from Outerside

The Skiddaw Mountain Range and Braithwaite

Looking Down on my Final Hill Today the Wainwright Barrow

Looking up to Outerside

Causey Pike

Sail, Eel Crag (Crag Hill) and Outerside from near the Summit of Barrow

St Herbert's Island on Derwent Water from Barrow my Sixth and Final Wainwright Today

Blencathra and Keswick from the Summit of Barrow

The Skiddaw Mountain Range and Braithwaite from the Summit of Barrow

Looking South Along the Newlands Valley

Looking Back at Barrow

Now Where did I Park the Car?


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