Wednesday 15th May 2024


The Wainwright 'Hartsop Dodd' (Bagged Jan 2018) Reflected in Brothers Water

Nice Quiet Track by Brothers Water

A Hawthorn Tree in Full Bloom

A Pose by the River in Dovedale

Heading for the Hills

A Pose on the Footbridge over Dovedale Beck

Ahead the Waterfalls in Dovedale and the Wainwright 'Dove Crag' (Last Bagged in March)

A Flat Bit

The Waterfalls 

A Pose by one of the Waterfalls

Over There

A Quick Drink

Climbing Higher

Keep Going

What's Going on Here

More Pointing

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A Pose by 'Dove Crag'

The Wainwrights 'Heron Pike' & 'Great Rigg' (Both Last Bagged in March) 

Following the Broken Wall to the Summit

The Pile of Stones on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Hart Crag' (Last Visited Jan 2019)

A Pose on the Summit

Heading for our Next Hill

Leaving 'Hart Crag'

Looking Back Across to 'Dove Crag'

Close up of Priest's Hole a Cave in 'Dove Crag'

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Our Next Hill Dead Ahead

The Summit of the Wainwright 'Gill Crag' on 'Hartsop above How' (Last Visited Jan 2019)

A Selfie on the Summit

Looking Down Deepdale

The Summit of 'Gale Crag' (Also Last Visited Jan 2019)

Passing the Kirkstone Pass Road

Heading Back Down

Yes This is the Way

'Hartsop Dodd' Reflected in Brothers Water

Looking Down on the Hamlet of Hartsop

Into the Woods

Cow Bridge Car Park


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