Wednesday 13th April 2022


Boots on in Gatesgarth Farm Car Park

Heading for the Hills

Starting to Climb

Memorial Cross

Collection Box

Looking Back at Gatesgarth Farm and Buttermere

The Crags Just Ahead

Climbing up Low Raven Crag

Into the Clouds

Higher we go

On Fleetwith Edge

Climbing High Raven Crag

Another Big Step

Elevenses Amongst the Crags

This Way to Your Left

Admiring the View

Click Click

Come on Keep up

Nearly There

The Summit of the Wainwright 'Fleetwith Pike'

A Pose on the Summit

Passing a Small Tarn

The Summit of Honister Crag 'Black Star'

Looking down at a Bus on the Honister Pass

Looking into the Old Honister Slate Quarry

Old Honister Slate Quarry

Passing the Spoil Heaps of the Newer Hopper Quarry

More Spoil Heaps

Looking Back at the Quarries and 'Fleetwith Pike'

Heading up to 'Grey Knotts'

Fencepost on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Grey Knotts'

Climbing up to 'Brandreth'

A Selfie on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Brandreth'

Heading up Seavy Knott on Route to 'Haystacks'

The Path up 'Haystacks' from Innominate Tarn

Climbing up 'Haystacks' 

Come on Keep up

Looking at 'Fleetwith Pike' from near the Big Stack on 'Haystacks' 

'Fleetwith Pike'

Close up of Car Park at Gatesgarth Farm

This Little Strap goes Around this Loop and Clips Together Like This

Reaching the Sunny Summit of 'Haystacks'  

A Pose on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Haystacks'  

The Buttermere Valley from the Summit

The Summit Tarn on 'Haystacks'  

Heading Down to the Scarth Gap

The Birkett 'Seat' Bagged last Year

Pointing to Today 1st Hill 'Fleetwith Pike'

'Fleetwith Pike' from the Scarth Gap Path

Big Stack and 'Haystacks' 

'Haystacks' from the Scarth Gap Path

Nearly Back Down

Baa, Baa

Selfie on Peggy's Bridge with 'Fleetwith Pike'

Coffee & Cakes at Tebay


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