Wednesday 12th April 2023


'Ingleborough' from the Car Park

'Simon Fell' from the Car Park

Our Target Hill 'Park Fell' from the Car Park

Walking in Sunshine

'Whernside' from the Road

'Ingleborough' from the Road

Ribblehead Viaduct from the Road

Leaving the Road and Heading for the Hills

Looking back at the Viaduct 

Higher we go

Climbing the Steep Grass Slope

'Whernside' and the Viaduct from the Ridge Path

Close up of the Viaduct from the Ridge Path

Close up of the Car Park from the Ridge Path

The Trig Point on the Summit of 'Park Fell'

A Pose on the Summit

The Weather Changes as we Head Back Along the Ridge to 'Simon Fell'

A Pose by the Ridge Wall

Winters Coming! 

Leaving 'Park Fell'

Good Job the Wall is Sheltering us from the Worst of the Weather 

Keep Going

Heading up 'Simon Fell'

Nearly There

'Frosty the Snowman'

The Summit of 'Simon Fell' in a Springtime Blizzard

'Ingleborough' now Dead Ahead

Where's Frosty

The Blizzard Eases off a Bit

Is it into the Wind to the Summit of 'Ingleborough' or Head Back Down on the Lee Side 

Which Way Then, Up or Down?

Decision Made

Heading Back Down the Zig Zag Path out of the Wind

Nearly Down 

Looking Back at the Zig Zag Path from Humphrey Bottom

Heading for the Boardwalk

Leaving the Hills Behind

The Last Bit


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