Wednesday 7th May 2014


I Wonder if this well made track takes me all the way to the Summit

Mount Battock Straight Ahead

Looking Back Down the Track Towards Glen Esk

The well made Track ends Abruptly in a Bog

The Remains of old Boundary Fence Post

Looking Back at the end of the Line on The Hill of Saughs

The Summit Trig Point & Shelter/Shooting Butt on Mount Battock

Cheap Wooden Grouse Shooting Butts on the side of Wester Cairn

Top of the Range Posh Grouse Shooting Butt with Turf Topped Solid Walls, Doors and Stone Chippings on the Floor 

They Even Have Door Numbers and Driveway

A Trap for Something that wants to keep it's feet dry on a log over water

A Closer Look

Looking back up Towards Wester Cairn and Mount Battock

This trap is a bit Ambitious if it thinks it can catch a passing walker

Looking back up Towards Wester Cairn, Mount Battock and Hill of Saughs

Lapwing Dive Bombing

Birch Polypore Fungus

Thursday 8th May 2014

Early Morning Mist Rising from a Small Loch in Glen Clova

Looking Down Glen Clova from the well Constructed Track to Loch Wharral

A New Field Hut Being Constructed Next to Loch Wharral 

Loch Wharral and it's South Facing Craigs

The Field Hut and Loch Wharral

Loch Wharral 

Loch Wharral 

The Summit of Ben Tirran (The Goet)

Looking North Towards Mount Keen and Braid Cairn over the Electric Fence

Mount Keen and Braid Cairn from Green Hill

Loch Brandy

Looking Down Glen Clova

Loch Brandy 

Loch Brandy 

Glen Clova Hotel

Birch Polypore Fungus and a Woodpecker Hole


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