Saturday 13th April 2024


Boots on in a Wet & Windy Loweswater

Heading for the Church

A Fallen Tree in the River

Our First Hill 'Mellbreak' in the Clouds

It's Getting Nearer

A Pose by the Gate into the Woods

Leaving the Woods and Starting to Climb

Climbing Through the Bracken

Climbing into the Scree

Not Easy Walking on all These Loose Wet Stones

Taking a Breather

Higher we Go

A Pose on Route

Into the Crags

A Pose with the Cliffs

The Last of the Scree

Reaching the Top and Heading for the Summit

Nearly There

A Pose on the Wet and Windy Southern Summit of the Wainwright 'Mellbreak' (Last Visited April 2021)

Still Smiling Even in the Wind & Rain

Leaving 'Mellbreak' and Crossing the Watershed

Climbing Again and Following the Fence up 'Hen Comb'

The Very Wet and Windy Summit of the Wainwright 'Hen Comb' (Last Visited April 2021)

Out of the Wind & Rain and Planning a Diversion (Plan B) to Avoid the Swollen Mosedale Beck

A Pose on Our New Route (Plan B)

Heading for a Bollocking with the Farmer

Our First Hill 'Mellbreak' now Clear

Heading for Maggies Bridge After Wading Across Highnook Beck and Our Bollocking

'Mellbreak' and Church at Loweswater (Looking a Lot Like 'Buachaille Etive Mor' in Glen Coe)

All Smiles Despite Waterlogged Boots


   Sunday 14th April 2024


Boots on by the Side of Crummock Water at Cinderdale Common Car Park

Leaving the Car and Heading for the Hills

Gorse and Yesterdays Hill 'Mellbreak'

Gorse and The Wainwright 'Rannerdale Knotts'

Looking over Crummock Water

Heading for Our 1st Hill 'Rannerdale Knotts'

Over There is our 2nd Hill

A Pose on the Footbridge Over Squat Beck

Looking Down Rannerdale from the Footbridge

Looking up Rannerdale from the Footbridge

Starting to Climb

Over There

Looking Down onto Crummock Water

A Pose from a View Point

Climbing Higher 

Crummock Water Again

Cairn Building on the Summit

All Smiles on our 1st Hill Today the Wainwright 'Rannerdale Knotts' (Last Visited July 2020)

To the North our Next Hills 'Grasmoor' and 'Whiteless Pike'

Leaving the Summit of 'Rannerdale Knotts'

Heading East Looking Towards Buttermere

Starting to Climb Again with the Wainwrights 'High Stile' and 'Red Pike' (Both Bagged Nov 2021) in the Background

High Above Rannerdale

Getting Higher

'Whiteless Pike' Getting Nearer

The Rannerdale Valley 

Keep Going

The Wainwrights 'Sail' (Bagged July 2019) 'Causey Pike' (Bagged Nov 2017) 'Ard Crags' (Bagged Oct 2015)

Newlands Hause Car Park and the Wainwright 'Robinson' (Bagged Oct 2015)

Looking at 'Grasmoor' from the Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Whiteless Pike'

A Pose on the Summit of our 2nd Hill the Wainwright 'Whiteless Pike' (Last Visited July 2020)

Time for Another Pose on the Summit Before we Leave

Ahead Lies 'Thirdgill Head Man' and 'Wandope'

Leaving 'Whiteless Pike'

Yesterday's Hill 'Mellbreak' and Crummock Water

Climbing Again

Nearly There

The Summit of Hill No 3 'Thirdgill Head Man'

A Short Hop to the Summit of our 4th Hill the Wainwright 'Wandope' (Last Visited July 2020)

Leaving 'Wandope' for and Heading 'Grasmoor'

Climbing Again for the Last Time Today

Looking N/E Towards 'Grisedale Pike' (Bagged July 2017)

The Summit Shelter on 'Grasmoor' our 5th Hill (Last Visited July 2020)

'Whiteless Pike' from the Southern Ridge on 'Grasmoor'

Descending the Very Windy Southern Ridge

A Long Way Down

A Pose on the Ridge

Well Fancy Meeting You Here! (Peter and Michael have Been Fell Running Club Buddies for Over 40 Years)

Lower Down and out of the Wind

A Bit Better Path

Still High Above Crummock Water

The Summit of Our 5th and Last Hill Today 'Lad Hows'

'Rannerdale' from 'Lad Hows'

Inspecting an Old Holly Tree Growing Out of a Crag

Having a Break by the Old Holly Tree Above the Car Park

Looking Down on the Car Park

Close up of the Car Park

Click Click, Rannerdale Beck and 'Grasmoor'

Passing the Waterfalls in the Beck

Heading for the Car Park Below 'Grasmoor'


   Monday 15th April 2024 (Rain Stopped Play on Travelling Day)


The Newly Refurbished Bluebird in the Ruskin Museum in Coniston

A Pose with Bluebird

Another Pose with Bluebird


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