Saturday 30th January 2016


All Alone on the Car Park at the end of Walna Scar Road

Taking the Old Quarry Track from the Car Park

More Cars Arriving to Park up

Off to the Hills we go

The Sun Comes out but Doesn't Warm us up

Starting to Climb now

Passing Some old Quarry Workings

Ruins of old Mine Buildings

Another old Ruin

Pogu Time

Passing Low Water with our Shadow Close by

High Above Coniston

Our Shadow Catches us up

The Very Windy Summit of Coniston Old Man

Low Water from the Summit

Sheltering out of the Wind

Some More Coming to Join us with Coniston Water Stretching out Below us to the South

Heading Into the Very Very Windy and Very Very Cold Wind Chilled Summit of Brim Fell

Out of the Wind on the Ascent of Dow Crag with Coniston Old Man in the Background

Goat's Water and Dow Crag from it's Northern Ridge

Hailstone Shower and Strong Winds Near the Summit of Dow Crag

Climbing onto the Summit of Dow Crag

The Summit of Dow Crag

Looking East over to the Summit of Coniston Old Man

Our Shadow Leaves us for Buck Pike

Leaving the Summit of Dow Crag Behind us as we Continue Along the Ridge

Looking Back at Buck Pike

Checking the Route Back Down from the Summit of Brown Pike

Cove Bridge on the Walna Scar Track with Brown Pike in the Background

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Free Parking on Route to the Coppermines Valley just pass the Ruskin Museum

I Thought all Sheep were a bit Slow

A Sign of things to Come

A Small Hydro Electric Dam with the Pointy Top of Swirl How on the Skyline

Close up of the Top of Coniston Old Man

The Youth Hostel with Swirl How in the Background

Coniston Old Man and Brim Fell Above the Youth Hostel

Looking Back Down the Coppermines Valley

Coniston Old Man and Brim Fell from Some old Mine Workings

Ahead Lies the Black Sails Ridge and the Red Dell Head Corrie

Further into the Corrie

Looking Back Down as the Snowline Reached

The Snow Getting Deeper as the Light Starts to Catch Coniston Water and Morecambe Bay

My Footprints in the Snow Leaving the Corrie

The Start of Many Iced up Rocks Above the Snowline

The Summit of Wetherlam Just as Some Guys Reach it From the North

My Footprints Leaving Wetherlam

Looking Back Down the Valley from Black Sails

Swirl How and Great Carrs Next

Close up of Someone Reaching the Summit of Swirl How

Looking South Over Levers Water, Coniston Water and Morecambe Bay

Ahead Lies Prison Band from Just Above Swirl Hawse

Looking Back East at the Path Above Swirl Hawse from Prison Band

Prison Band Looking up Towards Swirl How

Prison Band Looking South

Nearly There

The Summit of Swirl How

Wetherlam from the Top of Swirl How

Clearly Seen out to Sea the Wind Turbines in Morecambe Bay from the Top of Swirl How

Looking Towards Coniston Old Man and Brim Fell

More Frozen Rock Formations

Great Carrs Next

Looking Back at Swirl How

Wetherlam from the Summit of Great Carrs

The Top of Broad Slack

Brim Fell and Dow Crag

On the Route to Grey Friar the Only Footprints I see are that of a Hare

Brim Fell and Dow Crag from the South Eastern Cairn

A Pose on the North Western Cairn of Gray Friar

Looking South from the Top

I Wonder if this is Wainwright's Pointed Boulder?

Dow Crag on the Descent

Looking Back at Gray Friar

Dow Crag and Seathwaite Tarn

More Ice Sculpture at Levers Hawse

Heading Down to Levers Water

Back Down Below the Snowline at Levers Water

Fenced off Mine Working on the West Side of Levers Water

Zoomed in on Ingleborough and it Must be About 30 Miles Away

The Dam on Levers Water

Do I Risk it or Not?

Looking Back at the Outflow

Mining Trucks Near the Youth Hostel

Passing the Miners Bridge over Church Beck Again


   Copyright 2016 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.