Tuesday 31st October 2023


The Early Morning Ferry from our Hotel 

Leaving our Hotel in the Sunshine

Ready for the Off in the Car Park at Ariundle near Strontain 

Nature Reserve Sign

Into the Oak Woodland on the Old Miner's Track

First Look at Our Hill

A Very Autumnal Scene

Kicking up Leaves

A Fallen Tree Blocks the Path

Crossing the Dodgy Wooden Bridge

Another Fallen Tree Across the Path

A Pose in Front of the Ridge Leading to the Lump 'Sgurr na h-Ighinn'

Off Again

The Old Mine Spoil Heaps

Leaving the Old Mine Working and Crossing the River to Start our Climb

Time for a Break in the Sunshine

Steady On!

On the 'Drum Leac a' Sgiathain' Ridge to the Lump

Close up of Our Hill

The Shadows

Passing a Frozen Lochan

Still a Bit to go Yet

Higher up we go

Looking Back Down Strontian Glen to Where we Started

Still Climbing

Looking up at the Lump 'Sgurr na h-Ighinn'

Climbing the Lump

Nearly There

One Last Bit to Go

Looking at Our Summit from the Top of 'Sgurr na h-Ighinn' 

Our Hill Dead Ahead Just one Last Climb

Leaving 'Sgurr na h-Ighinn' and Heading for the Summit

Nearly There

A Well Earned Drink in the Summit Shelter

All Smiles on the Summit of the Corbett 'Sgurr Dhomhuill

Looking West to the Corbett 'Ben Resipol' (Bagged 2017)

To the South the Corbett 'Garbh Bheinn' (Bagged 2017)

Lots and Lots of Hills Looking North from the Summit

A Quick Pose Before we Head Back Down (Can't Hang Around as it will be Going Dark Soon)

Contouring Around the Lump

Looking Back at Our Hill 'Sgurr Dhomhuill'

Heading Back Down Along the Ridge

Click Click by the Frozen Lochan

The Distant Silhouette of the Corbett 'Ben Resipol' by the Lochan

Crossing the River Again

Back on the Miner's Track just Before it Goes Dark

Into the Woods Under Torch Light on Halloween 


Wednesday 1st November 2023


Setting Off with Waterproofs Already on by the River Gour for a Rest Day Walk

The River Gour

'Loch nan Garbhar'

Passing the Loch and Heading up Glen Gour in the Rain

All Smiles by an Old Sheepfold

A Pose Before we Turn Round and Head Back

Heading Back Down Glen Gour

Butty Break in the Old Sheepfold

Time for a Brew

A Break in the Clouds

Looking Back Down 'Loch nan Garbhar'

A Pose on the Old Bridge Over the River Gour

The Last Ferry


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