Wednesday 21st June  2023


Boots on in the Hamlet of Braidley in Coverdale

Shetland Ponies in a Field Next to the Car Park

Heading East Along the Valley out of Braidley

Crossing the River Cover

Heading for Arkleside

Buttercups in a Wild Flower Meadow

This Handsome Little Chap Must be Related to (Tony the Pony)

Leaving Arkleside and Heading for the Hills

'Little Whernside'

Keep Going

Reaching the End of the Track Between 'Dead Man's Hill' and 'Little Whernside' 

'Great Whernside' in Shadow and 'Little Whernside' in Sunshine

Angram Reservoir Through the Peat Hags

Heading for 'Dead Man's Hill' 

Carrying Stones to the Top of 'Dead Man's Hill' 

Cairn Building on the Summit of 'Dead Man's Hill' (No Summit Should be Without Some Kind of Marker)

A Pose by the Newest Cairn in Yorkshire

A Close up of the Impressive Three Stone Cairn (One for Each Dead Man)

Looking South to 'Meugher' (Bagged Last Month)

Passing a Shooting Butt as we Leave the Summit

Scar House Reservoir and the Dam on Angram Reservoir

Lunch Break

Down to the Col Between 'Dead Man's Hill' and 'Little Whernside' 

Heading for 'Little Whernside' 

Looking Back to Scar House Reservoir


Close up of Braidley where the Car is Parked

Nearly There

The Pile of Stones on Top of  'Little Whernside' 

In Amongst the Peat Hags on the Summit of 'Little Whernside' 

Having a Break with Cotton Grass in the Background

He's Off

A Pose with Scar House Reservoir in the Background

Another Pose

Looking Down Coverdale

Heading Back to the Col

Looking Back at 'Little Whernside'

Nearly back to the the Car in Braidley


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