Wednesday 10th January 2024


Ready for the Off in the Layby in Cracoe

Walking Through Cracoe

Leaving Cracoe and Heading up Thorpe Lane

Looking back at 'Skelterton Hill' (Coral Reef Knoll)

Our 1st Hill Dead Ahead

Passing Another (Coral Reef Knoll) 'Stebden Hill'

One of the Many Stiles to be Negotiated

The Last Field Before our Hill

Nearly There

Climbing Now

Looking Back at 'Stebden Hill'  'Skelterton Hill' and 'Butter Haw Hill' all (Coral Reef Knolls)

A Breather by an Old Mine Shaft

A Pose on the Summit of 'Elbolton' (Coral Reef Knoll)

Looking West to Swinden Quarry from the Summit

Looking North to Grassington from the Summit

Click Click on the Summit

Leaving the Summit

A Steep Descent

A Farmer Feeding his Sheep

Wild Flowering Alpine Geraniums

Looking back at 'Elbolton' from the Other side of Thorpe

Climbing Again

Taking a Breather as we Climb

Admiring the View from the Summit of 'Kail Hill' Another (Coral Reef Knoll)

Looking East to the Other 'Kail Hill' (Coral Reef Knoll) from the Summit of Our 'Kail Hill'

Looking West back to 'Elbolton' from the Summit

A Pose from the Summit

Getting Back on the Track

Looking Back at 'Elbolton'

Climbing Again This Time on Open Moorland

Looking N/E to Grimwith Reservoir from Last Week

Back on Track

Passing Cracoe War Memorial Obelisk

Heading Downhill

Nearly There

'Skelterton Hill' Again

A Pose by the Sheep Pens

Don't Forget Your Pipe


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