Saturday 3rd September 2016 (Glen Lochay)


Parked in the New Parking Area at the End of the Road in Glen Lochay

Off we go

Pipeline Running Through the Hillside on the South Side

Also a Pipeline Running Down the North Side Near the Zig Zags

Glen Lochay

Leaving the Road Near it's Highest Point

No Path Just Rough Wet Steep Grass

Close up of Loch Lyon Dam in the Next Glen

A Flat Bit at Last

Is this the Summit of Meall nan Subh Above Loch Lyon?

Or is it the one Behind You

Off to see Which is Bigger

This is the Summit of Meall nan Subh

Now to get Back Before it Starts Raining Again

Heading Back down with Loch Lyon in the Distance

Back Through the Zig Zags

Sunday 4th September 2016

Yoko & Henrietta our Early Morning Wake up Call and Breakfast Egg Providers

Boots on Near the Loch Turret Dam

Starting Out

Over a Fence near the Dam

The Loch Looks Low from this Side

Following the Eastern Track Around the Loch

Nice Reflections in the Loch

A Giant Pair of Lips Kissing the Loch

A Christmas Tree Decorated with Rowan Berries

Double up

So Far a Perfect Sunday Morning Stroll

Close up of a Bunch Rowan Berries

Soaring High in the Sky the Distinctive Profile of a Red Kite

The Third and Last River Crossing

Glacial Hummocks at the End of the Loch

The Old Guys & the Cycle Pushers on the Steep Bit

The Old Guys Having a Rest

Adding a Few Stones to the Wee Cairn that Mark the Summit of Auchnafee Hill

That's More Like it

Heading Back Down to the Top of the Track

Loch Turret Looks a Long Way Down From up Here

Looking Down Towards the Far End of the Loch to Where we Have Parked


   Copyright 2016 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.