BASECAMP Vallunga - Col di Lana - Corvara - S Croce - Via Ferrata - Pralongia Plateau


Sunday 15th June 2014 (Vallunga) 

Car Park in Valley Vallunga

Quick Pose at the Start of the Walk

One of the Many Pointy Bits in the Valley

Alpine Trumpet Gentian

Admiring the View in Valley Vallunga

On the Track to the Head of the Valley

Alpine Coo

Alpine Primula

Heading Further up the Valley

"It's Spitting"

The "Hidden Valley"

Blue Alpine Gentian Verna The Walls Start to Close in


Waterfall at the Head of the Valley Alpine Forget-me-not

Heading Back Down the Valley

Five Walkers and one Big Rock

More Pointy Bits Near the Car Park

Bicycle Art Outside Café in Selva

Noah Making Room for the Animals Outside Café in Selva

Proper Coffee and Cake

Monday 16th June 2014 (Col di Lana)

The Van all Alone High Above Pieve

Making Good Progress on the Track up Through Woods

The Views Start to Open up the Higher we Climb

The Summit Comes Into View

The Small Church near the Summit

Looking Back on the Ridge we Came up

The Village of Pieve way Below with the Dolomites Highest Mountain Marmolada way Above

Looking Back at the Church

Arrived at the Summit Cross

Pose on the Summit Col di Lana (8,077ft)

A Long Way up

Next on to the Adjoining Ridge to Monte Sief with Corvara in the Background

Snow and Via Ferrata on the Ridge to Monte Sief

Lots of Evidence of The First World War on the Ridge




The Summit of Monte Sief Looking Back Over to Col di Lana

The Mountain Sassongher Looking Down on Covara and the Pralongia Plateau

Coming up the Opposite Ridge After a Check on His Bearing

Last Look Back at Col di Lana

A Marmot Looking out for Alan........Alan......



Tuesday 17th June 2014 (Corvara River Walk)

The Road up to the Chalet From Covara

The Mountain Sassongher Looking Down on Covara

"I Wonder What That's for"

"Not Like That, Like This"


Thirsty Work all that Swinging About

Sassongher and Covara

Keep Going

A Quick Pose on a Bench

Another Quick Pose on a Bench

All the Girls Together

Last of the Snow in the Valley

"Yes it is Really a Toilet"

"You go in Then"

"Lets Have Lunch"



"Its Over There"

"I'm Having a Break"

A Single Blue Alpine Trumpet Gentian

Alpine Huts in Meadow

Heading Back to Corvara Under the Mountain Sassongher

Close up of Purple Alpine Orchid

Lone Alpine Hut in Meadow

Looking Back at the Waterfall

The Outskirts of Corvara with the Mountain Sassongher Above

High Meadows Above Corvara

Looking Down on Corvara

Wednesday 18th June 2014 (S Croce)

The View From the Chairlift


Are you Having Fun?

Bacio XXXX

Lets Have a Break

Coffee Time



The S Croce Refugio

The Steep Cliff Face of L Ciaval

The Crossroads at S Croce

"Come on"

"Which Way" "Who Cares"

Having A Rest

Click Click

Heading Down Now

We've Found a Perfect Picnic Spot

Cheer Up

The Mountain Sassongher Above La Villa Stern

Alpine Barn in Meadow

Heading into La Villa Stern

What's up With This Tree Yuk
Poo The Track Along side the River

Nearly There Now

The Mountain Sassongher Looking Down on the Main Street of Covara


Thursday 19th June 2014 (Via Ferrata, Gran Cir & Piz da Cir V)

All Geared up, Now Where?

Has Anyone Seen Alan........Alan?

Heading up Gran Cir

Start of the Wire

You go First

One of the German Woman Following us up

Keep Going

Looking Down Passo Gardena where we got off the Bus

The Summit of Gran Cir (8597ft)

Alpine Chough on the Summit

Heading Down

Looking Down on the Track to the Ski Station

Climbers Heading Towards the Summit

Gran Cir from the Bottom of the Climb

This Looks Like Our Root up Piz da Cir V

"Hang on" "What do you Think I'm Doing"




Gran Cir from Near the Summit of  Piz da Cir V

Getting off Piz da Cir V After Hanging onto a Summit Big Enough for 6 With 8 Others

B Team Going up Our Route Stepping Over the Big Step
Trying to Find a Foothold Got One

Heading Back Down the Steep Gully Overlooking Passo Gardena

B Team Now Nearing the Summit of Piz da Cir V (8268ft)

Piz da Cir V (8268ft) is the Small Hard Peak Far Left and Gran Cir (8597ft) is the Tall Easy Peak on the Far Right

The Long Walk Back Downhill to Covara from Passo Gardena

Sassongher Above the Road up to Passo Gardena Crossing a Bridge on the Outskirts of Covara

Friday 20th June 2014 (Pralongia Plateau)

Covara from Track Behind the Hotel to the Plateau

Bench with a View

Click Click

Spring Flowers Against a Back Drop of a Chair Lift

Lost in the Meadow

Having a Rest

Alpine Pyramidal Bugle Alpine Pasque Flower Seed Head

Sassongher and Cable Car Station

Strike a Pose

Alpine Hut with Marmolada behind in the Snow

Over There

Good Tracks Make Easy Going

Covara from the Plateau

Feet up

Forty Winks

"Are we There Yet"

Lunch at the Refugio Pralongia


Give us a Wave

The Chapel at Pralongia

Looking Back Towards the Refugio and Chapel From the Highest Point

Col di Lana from Pralongia

"Has Anyone Seen Alan....Alan!!"

"Alan...Alan, He's Not Here"

"Did Someone Call me, I'm Alan....Alan"

"Stay Still Now Alan....Alan"

"Look a White One"

White Alpine Daisy "There's Another"

Click Click

The Little Donkey Near The Hotel

Hotel Angelo


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