Runch Hut - Incisia - Fanes Forest - Waterfall Walk - Cinque Torri - Edelweiss Terrace


Monday 2nd March 2015 (Runch Hut Though Winter Meadows)

Ready to go in a Blizzard at The Santa Croce Refugio 2045m

Passing One of the Many Mountain Huts in the Area

Striking a Pose

"I Like This Snow"

It's a Bit Deep Over Here

Heading Towards Another Hut

It's all up Hill

Still Going up as the Weather Closes in Again

What do you Think About it so far?

"I Think I'm Going to Like This"

The Downhill Corvara Zumba Team

The Down Before the Climb to Runch Hut Refugio

A Quick Breather on the Steep Bit With Guide Caroline

Keep Going Girls

A Nice Flat Bit After Lunch at Runch Hut

A Pose in the Snow

This Way as the Sun Comes Out

Down Through the Huts

Going Down Hill in the Sunshine

Looking up Looking Down

Say Cheese

A Pose Together

Our Guide Caroline

I do Like This

Into the Gloom as we Near the Valley Floor

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 (Incisia, the Quiet Side of Pralaogia Plateau)

Getting Instructions from Guide Jon in the Shade

A Bit Warmer in the Sun Before we Start

The Mountain Sassongher Above Corvara

"Remember to Stay in Small Groups Crossing the Piste"

A Quick Break at a Refugio for a Coffee

This is the Life

Beware Learners on the Piste

Pose on the Piste

Lunch by an Old Hut

Showshoes Off

Showshoes On

Our Group of Colletts Snowshoers

Col di Lana in Snow

Sassongher Above Corvara

Steady Now

Walking Through Snow Meadows

Following a Lone Ski Trail

Come on Keep up

Shepherds Hut in the Snow Covered Meadow

Keep Going

Dropping Down into the Valley

A Cool Beer at the End of the Day

Wednesday 4th March 2015 (Fanes Forest from S Croce to San Cassiano)

Our Snow Shoes at S Croce Refugio Again This Time Without the Blizzard

A Quick Coffee Before we Set Off

Santa Croce Church in Snow This Year

Ready to go Again

The Crossroads Below Santa Croce Refugio in Snow

A Big Team Today 

Round the Big Rock Again This Time in Snow

A Pose in the Sunshine

Mark Leading the Pack, "Are we all OK Back There"?

Another Pose in the Sunshine 

These Two are Enjoying it a bit to Much

The Picnic Spot From Last June

Leaving Last Years Picnic Spot Behind

This Way

Making our way Down Through the Woods

"BIG CAT" Footprints

Packed Lunch at a Convenient Bench

Now that's an Interesting way to Record a View

My Turn to Pose

What a View, the Mountain Sassongher Above the Village of La Villa

This is the Life

Climbing a Snow Covered Farm Track

Follow the Tracks

On the Road Down to San Cassiano

Thursday 5th March 2015 (Waterfall Walk,Cascades de Pisciadu)

The Corvara Park Bench Balancing Pyramid Zumba Team

Pose in the Sunshine

All Pose Together

Nearing the Now Frozen Waterfall

Sassongher Above Colfosco

Mark Posing with the Picnic Bench Covered in Snow

This Guy Might Have to Wait Until Spring to Wake up

Snow Blowing off the Cliffs Above

Loo With a View Closed Again

Our Footprints in the Meadow

Snow Angel

Snow Covered Hut in Meadow

Bombardinos all Round

Friday 6th March 2015 (Cinque Torri, the 5 Towers of Falzarego)

Top of the Piste at Refugio Scoiattoli 2255m

Snowshoers on the Opposite Side of the Piste Below the Refugio

First View of the Cinque Torri

Heading up the Side of the Higher Piste to Refugio Averau Hutte 2413m

Follow me

Come on Keep up

Taking a Breather to Admire the View

Nearly There

That's the Way to Get to the Top

Heading Into the Sun and Hitting us With a Blizzard of Snow

Let's go for a Walk

Refugio Averau Hutte 2413m

Pose Above the Refugio

Climbing the Ridge to the Nuvolau-Hütte

Us From the Refugio

At the Summit Sculpture Next to the Nuvolau-Hütte 2574m (8444 ft)

A Pose on the Edge

Close up of Marmolada 3343m (10,968ft) the Highest Mountain in the Italian Dolomites

Down the Other Side of the Hut

Some Pinnacles and an Escarpment from the Summit

Our Guides Sam and Matt Returning From Nuvolau-Hütte

Heading Back Down

Nearly Back at Refugio Averau Hutte

A Lost Snowshoer

Found Snowshoer

Looking Back at Nuvolau-Hütte From the Side of the Piste Back to Refugio Scoiattoli

Raised Snowshoe Prints

Setting Off Towards Cinque Torri

Wow! What a Day

Our Guide Sam Leads the Way

Follow the Signposts Through the Towers

The Path Blocked by a Boulder

Some go Under and Round, Some Over and Round

Sam and Matt Enjoying Lunch

Pack Lunch Time


All Done Ready for the Off Again

What a Day!

Into the Hidden Gorge

Out of the Other End

Our Guides Sam and Matt Show us How it's Done

Spotlight on a Lone Tree

Into the Daylight Again

One up, One Down, Which Way Now?

This Way, Follow the Tracks

Pose in the Woods

All That Deep Snow

Me and My Shadow

Nearly Back Down Though the Woods

The 2015 Corvara Snowshoe Team Relaxing on Beanbags Back at Refugio Scoiattoli

Saturday 7th March 2015 (Edelweiss Terrace, High Level Snow Shoe Towards Corvara)

Another Day, Another Beanbag this time at Jimmys    Getting Ready to Leave Jimmys Refugio After Coffee

The Mountain Gran Cir Overlooking Jimmy's Refugio

Heading Down Away From Jimmy's

Zig Zag Under the Gondolas 

The Gondolas Casting Shadows as we Walk Under them

Following the Gondolas Down

A Quick Pose to Admire the View

A Close up of Gran Cir

Ahead Part of the Vast Sela Mastiff Above Corvara

At Last we are Away from the Gondolas

A Quick Break by Some Mountain Huts

Leaving the Mountain Huts and Climbing Again

Up and Over

High Above the Valley

A Smile in the Woods

Passing Another Snow Covered Mountain Hut

Starting to Climb Again

Passing Some Christmas Trees

More Snow Covered Huts in Snow Covered Meadows

The Last Climb of the Week

Come on Keep up

View Down to Corvara

Corvara from the Piste

Sassongher Above the Top of a Piste 

Edelweiss Refugio at the Bottom of a Piste

Close up Edelweiss Refugio  

Come on I'm Hungary


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