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Day 1 - 13 Miles

Sunday 17th May 2015 (Fort William to Spean Bridge)


Do you mind if we Pose with You?

A Damp Start to the East Highland Way which is also the Finish Line of the West Highland Way

A Quick Pose at the Other Side of Town at the Old West Highland Way Finish

Pipe Line Running into the Alcan Smelting Plant

Leaving the Industry of the Smelting Plant Behind for the Countryside

Crossing a Footbridge

Following the Track N/E out of Fort William into Leanachan Forest

New Spring Growth on a Pine Tree

New Spring Lambs Thumb Sucking

Aonach Mor from the Farm Shop & Cafe' on the Ski Resort Access Road

The Sun Makes an Appearance

Nearing the End of the Track

I Wonder what made them Big Cow Pats?

An Angry Looking Red Head Guards the Gate

A Close up Reveals she Could not see us Anyway with all that Hair

Evening Sunshine on Aonach Mor from our Guest House in Spean Bridge


Monday 18th May 2015 (Spean Bridge to Inverlair)

Day 2 - 12 Miles

Come on


Travelling East on a Quiet Single Track Country Road in Glen Spean

Still Smiling Even in the Rain

Do we Enter via the Moss Covered Gate?

The Remains of a Slow-worm on the side of the Road

Keep up

The Heavy Rain Turns a Field into a Loch near Insh

Another Moss Covered Gate

Checking our Bearing on the Banks of the River Spean

What's she Seen Now?

A Couple of Rams Checking us out

Yet Another Fast Flowing Tributary into the River Spean

A Group Photo on a Small Bridge

After all that Rain the River Spean Flows Fast and Deep

Yuk!! a Farm Track near Monessie

What Nonsense

Nevertheless Better not take any Chances on the Swing Bridge over the Gorge near Monessie

Below the River Runs Fast and Furious Through the Gorge

Sunny Again on the Banks of the River Spean

Leaving the Ruins at Achncochine After a Lunch Break

All Smiles by the River (Not for Long)

"I Don't do Climbing Trees or Crossing Deep Fast Flowing Water" (SO TRUST ME)

Crossing a Fast Flowing Burn With the Aid of a Tree (Woman and Children First)

Grab that Branch

Nearly There

All Across Safe and Sound

There is Nothing Sadder in the Countryside then a Dead Tree

This is a Sad Place

As we Climb we Leave the Dead Wood Behind us

A Quick Pose with Tomorrows Walk in the Distance

The Spray from the Laggan Dam Clearly Seen from the Woods Above Inverlair

Close up of Loch Laggan Dam and the Railway Bridge over the River Spean at Tulloch Station 

Loch Laggan Dam

Close up of Overflow Pipes

The Calm Loch Laggan Reservoir Behind the Dam

A Pose in the Sunshine at the Laggan Reservoir


Tuesday 19th May 2015 (Inverlair to Moy Bridge)


Day 3 - 10 Miles

Boots on


I Hope Angus of Fersit Doesn't Mind me Sitting on his Millstone

Passing An Dubh Lochan on the way to Fersit

An Dubh Lochan 

Leaving Fersit for the Woods Again

Small Dam Hidden in the Woods

Don't do Cattle Grids (Might fall through)

The Sun Comes out Again 

A Pose in the Sun

Another Pose

The Munro Beinn a Charainn above Laggan Reservoir 

Modern Day Lumberjack Makes Light Work of Tree Felling

A Rare East Highland Way Marker Post

The Hamlet of Moy on the Northern Side of the Loch

The Bridge Over the River Spean Near Moy Lodge

A Quick Pic While the Suns Out

From Left to Right The Munros, the Easains, Stob Ban and the Grey Corries from the Bridge

The Knobbly Graham Binnein Shuas from the Bridge


Wednesday 20th May 2015 (Moy Bridge to Feagour)


Day 4 - 13 Miles

One of the Bridges we Crossed Yesterday at the End of the Day


The Track Takes us South

Our Daily Calibration 

The Track then Heads East Under the Munro Creag Pitridh 

Come on Keep up

A Quick Pose on the Track

Time for a Quick Pic

The Munro Beinn a Chlachair

The Loch Comes into View Below the Crags on Creag Pitridh

A Pose on the Beach at Lochan na h-Earba

Photographers on the Beach

Lochan na h-Earba

Another Pose on the Beach

Fly Fisherman on the Inlet to the Loch

A Quick Pic as we Leave the Beach

The Fisherman is now Having Lunch on the Beach with the Munro Stob Coire na Ceannain in the Background

Following the Track on South side of Lochan na h-Earba with the Graham Binnein Shios Ahead

There must be Deer Around Here Somewhere

Come on 

Looking Back Down the Loch

The Graham Binnein Shuas Above Lochan na h-Earba

Nearing the end of the Loch

A Quick bit of Route Management

Rush Hour

Small Waterfall on the River Pattack at Feagour at the end of the the day


Thursday 21st May 2015 (Feaour to Laggan)


Day 5 - 06 Miles

A Quick Trim Before we set off


Best Tie my Boot up First

Off to Find a Bear in the Woods

We Enter Black Wood

Climbing up Through Black Wood

Having a Break Overlooking Strath Mashie Towards Laggan

I wonder Where he is Putting Them Logs?


These are my Logs

The Source of the River Spay

On the Spey Dam

Under the Spey Dam

Following the River Spey on it's Journey East

Red Male Pollen Cones on a Pine Tree

Looking Down Towards Laggan

Are we Nearly There Yet?


Friday 20th May 2015 (Laggan to Kingussie)


Day 6 - 17 Miles

A Quick Calibration Before we set off


Leaving Laggan

The War Memorial on the Outskirts of Laggan and the Monument Above Creag Ruadh

Heading East Down the Road a Little way

Turning off into the Hamlet of Balgowan

Leaving Balgowan and Heading North into the Woods

Come on it's Safe

Leaving the Woods and Heading N/E into Open Pathless Moorland


Now Which Way?

Time for a Quick Pic

Looking Back Towards Laggan

Going to be a Long day with all the Photo Stops we Keep Taking

Not Everything Survives out here


Still Heading N/E to Connect with a Track Somewhere up ahead.

Just Visible Ahead our Track Cuts Across the Moors

The Sun Comes Out as we Make our way into Strath an Eilich

A Nice Remote Hidden Glen

Dead Ahead Glen Banchor and the Monadhliath Munros

It's Nice Walking in the Sunshine in this Remote Glen

The Last View Looking West

Dalnashallag Bothy

Reading the Visitors Book in the Sunshine

Some Handy Boulders on our First Crossing


Nearly There Crossing the River Calder

Stepping Over a Small Deep Fast Flowing Burn (Stepping Stone Builders not Required)

Our 4th and Last River Crossing Which was too wide for Building Stepping Stones on Like the Others

Come on Lets Going

Keep up

Passing the Ruins of Glenballoch Farm

Striding out Towards Newtonmore

There was no Need to Climb the Gate the Latch was on This Side

The River Calder Takes a Big Bend South into Newtonmore

Leaving Newtonmore via the Woods Heading North

Up and Over a Stile Near a Small Waterfall

The Bridge was Washed Away and yet Another River to Cross

Turnip Loving Sheep

Heading up to the Woods

Following the Fence and Heading East Again now

Early Evening Sunshine on the Moors Above Kingussie

Loch Gynack North of Kingussie

Heading Through the Woods Above Kingussie


Saturday 21st May 2015 (Kingussie to Kingcraig)


Day 7 - 12 Miles

A Lovely Sunny Morning in Kingussie


Leaving Kingussie Heading South over the Level Crossing

Passing Under the A9

Ruthven Barracks

One of Dozens of Classic Cars that Pass us on this Minor Road

Ruthven Barracks from the East

All in Step

All Routes This Way

Up to Our Knees in Wild Blueberry Bushes

Feeding Time

Come on Let's Get Going

A Couple of Squaws with there Makeshift Tepee

Down Through the Woods

Nearing Tromie Bridge

The Gorge from Tromie Bridge

Wind Berries near Inveruglass

On the Edge of the Woods

The Guide Book Says There's a Path Here Through the Forest

There's no Path Through Here

Following the Forest Track in Inshriach Forest

Glider on Tow from Glen Feshie

All Smiles on this Rare Bench

Nice Spot Overlooking Uath Lochan

Now What's She Seen?

A Bumble Bee

Muddy Path Around the Lochan

Better Path Now

Boardwalk Through the Marshes

Run out of Boardwalk

Feeding Another Horse (Should have Fetched some Carrots)

Heading for Tea and Cakes at Loch Insh Water Sports Centre

Where did you Leave the Car?


Sunday 22nd May 2015 (Kincraig to Aviemore)


Day 8 - 12 Miles

Nice to Start the day with a Waymarker


Photographers at Work

"Look! Totem Poles"

The Frank Bruce Sculpture Park

Close up of Two of the Five Third World Sculptures

The Inner Man Sculpture

The Two Patriots

The Front and Back of the Millennium Stone Sculpture

The Large Sculpture at the Entrance to the Frank Bruce Sculpture Park

Glen Feshie Bridge

Into the Woods Again

Is it This Way?

Sunshine in the Woods on Feshie Moor

Boardwalk in the Wood

Piece of Cake this River Crossing Lark

Having a Lie Down as we Near Loch an Eilein

On the Shores of Loch an Eilein

The Castle Ruins on Loch an Eilein

Birdwaching on Loch an Eilein

The Castle Ruins with Canoeists on Loch an Eilein

That's one way to Wash Your Hands

Lochan Mor

The Last Walk in the Woods as get near to Aviemore

The Last Bridge into Aviemore

The End of the East Highland Way is the Start of the Speyside Way

The Speyside Way

Spud the Piper Welcomes us to the Hotel



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