ESKDALE May 2021


Wednesday 26th May 2021


Boots on at the Bottom of the Hardknott Pass in Eskdale

There Off!

It's Engaged

Our Target Hill Today in the Cloud is 'Slight Side' part of the Scafell Range of Hills

Starting to Climb Above Eskdale

Looking Back at 'Harter Fell'

Looking Back Down the River Esk

Passing Some Very Large Boulders

Above Lingcove Bridge

Heading for Esk Falls

Looking Back as we Near the Falls

Contouring the Gorge Above the Falls

Steady on Now

'Scafell Pike' in the Cloud and 'Pen'

The River Esk and Great Moss

Passing Another Huge Boulder with Cam Spout Crag on the Left

Cam Spout Crag Waterfall

Michael Climbing up Cam Spout Crag Waterfall

Steve Climbing up Cam Spout Crag Waterfall

Looking up at the the East Buttress of 'Scafell' and the Mickledore Ridge

Higher up we go

A Pose by Some Waterfalls

'Scafell' and Eastern Buttress

Looking up at 'Scafell Pike'

The Wet Gully Leading up to Foxes Tarn

Climbing up into the Gully

Come on Keep Going

A Pose by Foxes Tarn

Where Next?

Climbing up Through the Boulders & Rocks

Nearly There

Looking Down at a Group Passing us and Heading for Foxes Tarn

On Top Heading for the Summit

One of the Many Stone Cairns on the Summit

All Smiles on the Summit of 'Scafell' (Last Visited 1997)

Looking Down on to Burnmoor Tarn in Wasdale

A lot Busier on the Summit of 'Scafell Pike'

Heading Down 'Scafell'

Nice and Easy

'Slight Side' Dead Ahead

Looking Back at 'Scafell' 

Looking Back Down at the River Esk

Click Click from Long Green

Nearly There

This Way

After 6 Hours it's all Smiles on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Slight Side'

Leaving 'Slight Side'

Looking Back up to 'Slight Side'

Heading for Cat Crag & Catcove Beck

Nearly Back Down to Eskdale

Looking Back at 'Slight Side' from near the Road


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