Wednesday 18th May 2022


Heading to the Bottom of the Hardknott Pass

Crossing Jubilee Bridge

A Pose on the Tiny Bridge

Heading for the Hills

Leaving the Valley Behind

Climbing Steadily

Admiring the View

Close up of the Car Park

Passing a Band of Bluebells

Eskdale Looking West

Eskdale Looking North

Taking a Break to Admire the View

Heading for our First Hill the Wainwright 'Harter Fell'

Looking S/W to the Wainwright 'Green Crag' (Bagged June Last Year)

Climbing 'Harter Fell'

Near the Top

Is this Rocky Tor the Summit ?

Climbing the Tor

Keep Going

A Wave from the Top, but not the Summit

A Wave from the Trig on the Top of the Wainwright 'Harter Fell'

This isn't the Highest Point

Looking Down to the Trig Point on 'Harter Fell' from the Summit

A Wave from the True Summit of the Wainwright 'Harter Fell'

Climbing Up & Down the Summit Rocky Tor

Leaving the Summit Tor

Looking back at 'Harter Fell' 

Heading for 'Demming Crag'

Admiring the View from the Summit of 'Demming Crag'

Looking Down on our Next Hill 'Horsehow Crags'

Looking Back at 'Demming Crag' 

Concentrating on Climbing a Stile

A Pose in the Sunshine (Not Smiling)

Looking Down at the Hardknott Roman Fort from the Summit of 'Horsehow Crags'

Looking Down at the Hairpin Bend on the Hardknott Pass Road from the Summit of 'Horsehow Crags'

Leaving 'Horsehow Crags'

A Selfie

'Border End' our Last Hill of the Day Dead Ahead

A Pose on the Summit of the Harknott Pass Road

Leaving the Pass Behind with 'Harter Fell' in the Distance

Nearly There

A Pose on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Hard Knott'

Leaving 'Hard Knott' 

Hanging on in the Wind on the Summit of 'Border End'

Looking Down on the Car Park Again from the Summit of 'Border End'

Looking North to the Scafell Group of Hills from the Summit of 'Border End'

Leaving the Summit of 'Border End'

Passing an Unnamed Tarn

Heading Down the Hardknott Pass Road

Passing a Car on the Hairpin Bend

Nearly Back


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