Sunday 29th May 2022


Leaving the Fassfern Estate Car Park near Glenfinnan

Into the Woods

First View Above the Trees of our Coming Down Hill 'Streap Comhlaidh'

Passing a Waterfall in Dubu Lighe

Heading up the Estate Track to the Bothy

First View of the 'Streap' Mountain Ridge

After a Couple of Miles we Reach a Bothy with a Demoted Corbett 'Beinn an Tuim' in the Distance  

A Pose Outside the Very Nice Gleann Dubh Lighe Bothy

Sitting on the Bed Inside the Newly Rebuilt Bothy Which was Totally Destroyed by Fire in 2011

The Fireplace in the Bothy

Our Group of Hills with the 'Streap' in the Middle

Looking Back to the Glenfinnan Hills

Heading for the Bridge

Our First Hill is on the Left 'Meall an Uillt Chaoil'

Crossing the Bridge

A Pose on the Bridge

Looking up at our Route Led by the Completion Team

The Completion Team near the Col

Looking Down to the Head of Gleann Dubh Lighe

High up the Steep Grass Slope

Three Eggs in a Skylark Nest

Looking Across to our Last Hill 'Streap Comhlaidh'

A Pose and a Breather

Getting Steeper

'Ben Nevis' Comes into View

Nearly There

The Completion Team on the Summit of 'Meall an Uillt Chaoil'

Another Breather on the Summit of 'Meall an Uillt Chaoil'

A Pose on the Summit of 'Meall an Uillt Chaoil'

Lunch on the Summit

Time for a Selfie on our 1st Hill Toady

Looking Down on the Completion Team from 'Meall an Uillt Chaoil'

Our Lumpy Bumpy Route Ahead

Leaving 'Meall an Uillt Chaoil' and Heading for Bealach Coire nan Cearc

Climbing our 2nd Hill 'Stob Coire nan Cearc' with our 1st Hill Behind

The Completion Team on the Summit of 'Stob Coire nan Cearc'

Looking Towards the Corbett 'Streap' from the Summit of 'Stob Coire nan Cearc'

Leaving the Summit

Heading for our 3rd Hill 'Streap' with our 2nd Hill Behind

The Completion Team on the Lump Before the Arete to 'Streap'

The Completion Team on the Arete to 'Streap'

Heading for the Lump as The Completion Team Reach the Summit of 'Streap'

Climbing Again

Looking at the Arete to our 4th Hill 'Streap'

A Pose on the Lump

Heading for the Arete  

On the Arete Leading to 'Streap'

Keep Going

All Smiles

Last Bit Now

A Bit of Scrambling

The Boys in Blue on the Summit of our 4th Hill Today The Corbett 'Streap'

The Completion Team on the Summit of 'Streap Comhiadh'

Heading for our Last Hill

Nearly There

Are we There Yet

Checking our Bearings on the Summit of our 5th and Last Hill Today 'Streap Comhiadh'

He's Off

Heading Down the Steep Grass Slope

Still a Long way to go

Concentrating Hard as the Slope Gets Steeper

Nearly Down

Looking Back at (Steep) 'Streap Comhiadh'

The Long Track back to the Car


Monday 30th May 2022 (Traveling Day)


Boots on in Arrochar on the Shores of Loch Long

Reflections of the Loch Long Hotel

Climbing into the Woods

Admiring the View over Loch Long to Distant 'Ben Lomond'

Passing Some Bluebells in the Woods

A Bank of Bluebells with our Hill 'The Cobbler' in the Background

Heading up the Path

A Pose with Narnain Boulders

Passing one of the Boulders

Our Hill Getting Nearer

Heading Directly up the Middle for the Scramblers Route

A Break for Lunch Before we Start Scrambling

Back on the Path After the Worst of the Scrambling

Admiring the View

Looking over Loch Long from the Top of the Scramblers Path

A Pose on the Ridge at the Start of a Long Heavy Hailstone Shower

Looking up at the Window on the Central Peak in the Hailstone Shower (A Couple Deciding to go for it or Not)

We Decided Not to go Through the Window and on to the Sloping Ledge then Scramble to the Summit in a Hailstone Shower

Heading for the Northern Peak Instead

Nearly There

The Hailstone are Falling Harder Now

The South Peak and the Window from the North Peak (The Couple Decided Not to go Through the Window and Head Back Down)

Looking East over our Route Back to Arrochar

Looking South Down to Loch Long

A Pose on the Summit of the Northern Peak of 'The Cobbler'  

Heading Back Down the Tourist Route

Looking Back at 'The Cobbler' in Sunshine

'The Cobbler' in one of the Many Rain Showers

A Close up of a Couple on the Northern Summit

OOOH!! That's Cold (The Iceman Cooling his Feet)

I'm Here

Cheer up! We're Nearly Back at the Car



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