Friday 21st Oct 2022


Boots on in Ardgartan Forest Car Park in Glen Coilessan

Looking over Loch Long Towards Arrochar

Climbing the Forest Track in Coilessan Glen

Passing Some Thick Timber Logs

Leaving the Forest Track for the Path Next to the Trees on the Cowel Way

The Boggy Bit Starts

Starting to Climb

Passing a Huge Boulder

Climbing Higher

Into the Clouds

The Summit is Around Here Somewhere

This is it

A Pose on the Summit of the Promoted Corbett 'Cnoc Coinnich'

The Clouds Briefly Disappear as we Head Down

The Cloud Topped Corbett 'Beinn Bheula' (Bagged 2015) & the Lochgoilhead Grahams

Back Down to the Top of the Cowel Way Between Lochgoilhead & Arrochar

The Forest Track Back to the Car

Nearly There


Saturday 22nd Oct 2022


Back Here Again

Walking up the Forest Track Again Just Like in May Only with Autumn Colours

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Passing Gleann Dubh Lighe Bothy Again

First Clear View of the 'Streap' Mountain Range (Bagged Last May)

Leaving the Track and Heading up the Steep Wet Grass Slope

All Hands on Deck  

Taking Big Steps

Higher we go

The Angle Eases

Looking Across at 'Streap' Again

A Quick Break near the Top of the Slope

Looking for Deer

A Quick Pit Stop

Still Looking for Deer at the Top of the 1st Bump 'Na h-Uamhachan'

Reflections in a Lochan

Come On Keep up

Walking Across the 1st Bump

Leaving the 1st Bump and Heading for Bump No 2

A Stag with His Harem

Climbing the 2nd Bump

Higher we go

Nearly There

The Last Bump Comes into View from the 2nd Bump 'Sron Liath'

Ahead the Last Bump

Reaching the 3rd & Last Bump

Lunch on the Summit of the Corbett 'Braigh nan Uamhachan'

Looking for Deer from the Summit

Looking Down on Lochan a' Chomhlain

A Selfie Before the 6 Mile Return Journey

Heading Back Towards the 2nd Bump

Looking Back at the Last Bump 'Braigh nan Uamhachan'

Reaching the Top of the 2nd Bump

Leaving the the 2nd Lump

Following the Wall Down the 2nd Lump

Heading up the 1st Lump Again

Passing a Green Puddle

A Pose on the Top of the 1st Lump (All Down Hill from Now)

Close up of the Sun Going Down Over Loch Shiel

Heading Back Down the Steep Wet Grass Slope

Last Look at the 'Streap' Mountain Range as the Sunsets


Sunday 23rd Oct 2022


Leaving the Car Park at Callop

Heading up the Track

Reflections in a Puddle 

Walking on Water

Is that the Steam Train

The Jacobite Steam Train with the Corbetts 'Streap' and 'Braigh nan Uamhachan' in the Background

Close up of the Train

Admiring 'Streap' 

Just Some of the Many Deer Around Here

Watching us all the Time

Leaving the Path and Heading up the Grass Slope

A Pose on the Col

The North Eastern Top 'Meall na Cuartaige'

Lunch on the Col Before we Climb Again

Heading for the Summit

Starting to Climb

Getting Steeper

The Steepest Bit

Nearly There

Looking Back at Yesterday's Bumpy Hill 'Braigh nan Uamhachan'

A Pose on the Summit of the Corbett 'Sgorr Craobh a' Chaorainn'

Looking Down on Loch Shiel 

Leaving the Summit

Reflections in a Lochan

Which Way Down

Leaving the Crags Behind

Looking Back at 'Sgorr Craobh a' Chaorainn'  

Nearly Back to the Col

A Quick Break Before Heading Back Down to the Valley

Back on the Track

The 'Sgorr Craobh a' Chaorainn' Mountain Range from the Track Back to Collop

A Stag with a Broken Antler and one of his Mates

Looking Tired


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