FORT WILLIAM November 2019


Friday 1st November 2019 (Traveling Day)


Boots on and Arfa Fag in the Car Park at the Top of Glen Ogle

Heading up the Forest Track

Keep Smiling

Nearing the Top of the Track

The Aerial at the End of the Track

Up Through the Steep Open Trackless Moorland

Still Smiling Despite the Rain

Two Piles of Stones on the Summit of the Graham 'Meall Buidhe'

Leaving the Summit

Back Through the Bog-lands

Down the Track

Car Park in Site

Boots Drying Out in our Hotel

Saturday 2nd November 2019

Fassfern Car Park

Logging in Process

Walking Past Huge Piles of Timber

Following the Forest Track

Into the Woods we go

All Smiles on the Path of Doom in the Woods

Leaving the Woods

Heading for the Hills

High above Loch Eil and the Clouds

Higher up we go

Above Clouds in Gleann Suileag

The Summit of the Graham 'Aodann Chleireig'

All Smiles on the Summit (Nearly)

That's Better

Leaving 'Aodann Chleireig' and Dropping over a Thousand feet

Looking back at 'Aodann Chleireig' as we Climb up over a Thousand feet

After a Very Steep Boggy up & down the Summit of the Graham 'Meall Onfhaidh'

Heading to the Track Below the Corbett Meall a' Phubuill (Bagged 2018)

Below is the Glensulaig Bothy and our Track back

Clouds in Glen Suileag

The Bothy

Reaching the River

The Long Walk Back in the Woods

Sunday 3rd November 2019 (Traveling Day)

Under our Hill in the Car Park at Dalrigh

Checking our Route at a Track Junction

Dead Ahead is the Corbett Ben Chuirn (Bagged 2013)

A Quick Pose in Front of our Hill Before Leaving the Track

Overlooking Lochan Fiarach

Nearly There

The Summit of the Graham 'Fiarach'

Arfa Fag on the Summit

Leaving the Summit

Rainbow over Tyndrum

Nearing the Track

Heading Back Down the Track


   Copyright 2019 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.