GLEN COE April 2011


Friday 29th April 2011 (Travelling Day)


I Think its This Way

Meall Glas Dead Ahead From The Bridge Over The River Dochart at Auchessan

Looking Towards Ben More on The South Side of Glen Dochart

Ben More From The Farm Track

Checking The Phone in The Tinder Dry Grass With Sgiath Chuil Our 2nd Munro in The Background

Meall Glas Getting Nearer

Having a Break

Lets Enjoy the Sunshine

Getting Nearer the Summit

The Pirate of Glen Dochart

At Last The Summit of Meall Glas

Leaving The Summit of Meall Glas 

Heading Along The Ridge Towards Beinn Cheathaich

Walker Near The Top of Beinn Cheathaich

Snow on The East Side of Beinn Cheathaich

After a Big Drop it's up Again

Climbing Sgiath Chuil With Glen Dochart and Ben More in The Distance

The Summit Rocks of Sgiath Chuil

The Summit of Sgiath Chuil With Meall Glas in The Background

The Summit Now Behind us

Heading Back Down

Forty Winks With Meall Glas in The Background

Saturday 30th April 2011

The Middle Buttress of The Three Sisters in Glen Coe

Walking Through a Small Wood After Crossing The River Coe

Heading Into Coire Gabhail

Climbing The Boulders at The Entrance to The Lost Valley

On The Left The Peak of Stob Coire Sgreamhach  

The Dried up River Bed on The Valley Floor

In The Flat Grassy Meadow Hidden From Glen Coe

Starting to Climb Again

Higher up The Glen

The Family From The Car Park in Glen Coe Right Behind us

The Walk Through The Snow Getting Nearer

The Snow Field Looks a Lot Bigger From up Here

Climbers Going Through The Snow

We Will go After These Three

In The Snow at Last

Its Deeper Then it Looks

The Family on The Very Last Bit of Steep Snow

The Snow Gully in Middle is Where we Came up

Climbers Coming Off The Summit of Bidean

Making Our Way Towards The Summit

Stob Coire Sgreamhach Behind us Yet to do

Climbers Coming up The North West Ridge Towards The Summit

Nearly There Now

The Looking Down on Glen Coe Village

The Summit of Bidean nam Bian

Looking Back at The Summit

Looking Down Corie Gabhail From The Accent of The Next Munro

Strange Rock Formation

On Top Again

Looking Over to Bidean nam Bian From The Summit of Stob Coire Sgreamhach

Looking Down at Our Route Back

The White Dot in The Middle by The Road in Glen Coe is The Home of Jimmy Saville

The Very Last Climb of The Day

Sunday 31st April 2011

This Must be This Way

Joining The Crowds on The Tourist Route

Climbing Above Glen Nevis

We Are Not The Only People Who Think its a Good Day For a Walk

Leaving The Crowds Behind as we Head North Around The Back of Ben Nevis Towards Carn Mor Dearg

First View Of The Northern Cliffs of  Ben Nevis as we Drop Down Into The Glen Below

The Northern Face of Ben Nevis From Our Accent up Carn Mor Dearg

The Famous Carn Mor Dearg ArÍte at The Head of Coire Leis

Climbers Moving Across The ArÍte

Carn Mor Dearg and The Carn Mor Dearg ArÍte

Carn Mor Dearg and Ben Nevis  

Nearing The Summit

The Summit of Carn Mor Dearg With Ben Nevis Behind us

Leaving Carn Mor Dearg Behind For ArÍte and Then Ben Nevis

Making Our Way Across

A View of Ben Nevis Most People Won't See

The First Part of The ArÍte is Made up of Red Sandstone The Same as Carn Mor Dearg 

Moving On

Looking Back at Carn Mor Dearg With Climbers on The Skyline 

Lowest Point at The Rope Anchor Point Into Coire Leis

This Part of The ArÍte we Now Climb Granite Boulders on to Ben Nevis 

Still we Climb Amongst The Rocks

At Last The Summit of  Ben Nevis

A North Facing Cornice

Looking Back at The Summit

All Down Hill Now

Through Snow Again

High Above Glen Nevis

Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe Where we Left The Main Track to go Round The Back of Ben Nevis This Morning

Nearly Back Now in Evening Sunshine

Monday 1st May 2011 (Travelling Day)

Very Early Start

Even The Trees Are Still Asleep

Early Morning Light Over Loch Creran

Getting A Bit Lighter Now

Me and My Shadow Still Climbing

Not The Summit Yet, Just a Top in The Way

Another Top in The Way and Another up and Down

The Summit of Beinn Sgulaird

Me and My Shadow Heading Back Down to Glen Creran

Beinn Sgulaird Now Behind us

One of The Small Native Birch Woods in a Gully Near in Glen Creran 


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