GLENRIDDING February 2019


Wednesday 27th February 2019


Parked up in the Big Car Park next to newly Repaired Flood Defence Wall

The Northern End of my 2nd Hill Today Birkhouse Moor from Gillside

Sheffield Pike from the Track

 Birkhouse Moor and the Nab

Glenridding Screes on the Side of Sheffield Pike

Catstycam my 1st Hill Today from the Bridge over Glenridding Beck just Past the Youth Hostel

The Path Repair Guys on a Recce for Winter Damaged Paths

Starting to Climb

Looking up from the Second Bridge

Looking Back Down the Valley to the Second Bridge

The School Teacher taking the Direct Route up Catstycam 

A Pause for Thought on Striding Edge

The School Teacher nearly at the Top of Catstycam

The Trig Point on the Summit of Helvellyn (Bagged 3 Times)

Still Thinking About it

Striding Edge and Red Tarn

Helvellyn and Swirral Edge

The Path Repair Guys on the Summit of Catstycam

On the Right the Dry Stone Wall on Birkhouse Moor from the Summit of the Wainwright Catstycam

Looking Back Down the Valley to the Second Bridge

Footpath to the Top of White Side

The Wainwright White Side (Bagged 2004)

Lunch on the Sunny Side of Catstycam for the Path Repair Guys

The Stone Wall Shelter on Top of Helvellyn 

Getting Busy on Striding Edge

Walkers on the Top of Swirral Edge

Walkers at the Bottom of Swirral Edge

Red Tarn and Helvellyn

Time for a Selfie on Striding Edge

The Dry Stone Wall up to the Summit of Birkhouse Moor

Two Old Guys on Route to Striding Edge 

The Summit of the Wainwright Birkhouse Moor

Looking Back at Helvellyn & Catstycam from Summit of Birkhouse Moor

Catstycam from the Northern Cairn on Birkhouse Moor

Looking Down to Glenridding with the Wainwright Place Fell (Bagged 2015)

Close up of Glenridding

Sheffield Pike & Glenridding Dodd yet to Conquer  

Silver Crag Towering Above Ullswater & Glenridding

Close up of the Ullswater Ferry Passing Wall Holm Island

Looking Across Lanty's Tarn (Detour)

Looking Along the Length of Lanty's Tarn Towards the Gate

Ullswater from the Summit of Keldas (Detour)


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