Tuesday 16th February 2016


A Field of Geese with Stone Arthur in the Background

Heading into Grasmere for Supplies

Leaving Grasmere for the Swan Hotel at the Foot of Stone Arthur

Starting to Climb up Next to the Woods

Higher we go

Leaving the Shelter of the Woods

A Quick Break to Admire the View

Over the Frozen Ground to the Crags of Stone Arthur

The Summit of Stone Arthur

Sheltering from the Wind

Looking back at Stone Arthur with Helm Crag on the other side of the Valley

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

    Seat Sandal from the Layby

Helm Crag and Gibson Knott

Ahead is our Route Back on the Southern Slopes of Seat Sandal

Steel Fell

Heading for the Low Point on the Skyline which is Grisedale Hause

Footbridge over Tongue Gill with Great Tongue in the Background

A Walker on Great Tongue

The Footpath Washed Away into the River

Don't Look Down

Following the C2C Path Alongside Tongue Gill with Grisedale Hause Dead Ahead and Seat Sandal to the Left

A Pair of Walkers on Great Tongue

Steady on and Mind the Ice

A Quick Pose

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Group Making there way Down

This Way up

Tongue Gill Waterfall

Looking Back Down Tongue Gill to the Dukes Boys Having Lunch

Nearly There

Some Walkers Reaching Grisedale Hause

Above the Dried up Tarn


Climbing up the Dark Frozen Side

Into the Sunshine and Nearly There

Lunch Out of the Wind

Three Walkers on the Ridge Heading for the Summit of Fairfield

Looking East to Fairfield from Seat Sandal

Looking North to Dollywaggon Pike from Seat Sandal

The Summit of Seat Sandal

Looking Down to Grasmere from the top of Seat Sandal

Walking on Water

The Pile of Stones that Marks the Route Down

Heading Down the Sunnyside

A Bit of Zig Zagging

Grasmere not Far Now

Close up of the Helicopter that's been Buzzing us all day and I Wonder if that is a Camera it is Carrying Underneath

Close up of Car Park

Nearly There

Steel Fell from the Road Near the Travellers Rest Pub

Sunday 13th March 2016

 Leaving Grasmere with Helm Crag Ahead of us

Starting to Climb

In Amongst the Crags

A Quick Pose to Catch our Breath

High Above Far Easedale

Looking Over to Sour Milk Gill


I am Smiling 

Where have they Gone?

The Summit of Helm Crag

Cookies on the Howitzer

Climbing Down off Helm Crag

Following the Path Along the Ridge

Looking Back at Helm Crag

Looking ahead Towards the Summit of Gibson Knott

A Man Having Lunch near the Summit in a Wainwright Pose

A Summit Pose on Gibson Knott

That's 2 Down and 2 to go

Looking Back at the Summit of Gibson Knott

Heading Down off Gibson Knott with Far Easedale Below

On the Skyline Lies Calf Crag

It's all Uphill Again Now

Looking Back at Gibson Knott and Helm Crag

The Valley of Far Easedale Looking Towards Grasmere

Are we There Yet?

Not Far to the Summit Now

A Group Pose on the Summit of Calf Crag

Leaving Calf Crag for Steel Fell as the Sun Reaches us

Looking North Towards the Crags on Ullscarf 

Reflections of Nethermost Pike in an Unnamed Tarn 

Steady Now

An Old Line of Fence Posts Keep us on Track for the Top

Are we There Yet?

Heading for the Last Climb of the Day 

The Thirlmere Reservoir from near the Summit of Steel Fell

The Summit of Steel Fell

High Above the Grasmere Valley

Climbing Down the First of a Succession of Crags

The Valley Floor Getting Nearer

Helm Crag Dominates the Skyline

The Last Crag Before Tea

Close up of the Summit of Helm Crag

You Can See the Pub from Here

Thursday 17th March 2016

      A Pose in front of Silver How

WOW! I Wonder Where There Going?

Helm Crag

Seat Sandal, Grisedale Hause and Stone Arthur

To the Left

Gaining Height Now

The Grasmere Valley

Taking a Breath and Admiring the View

Crossing Wray Gill Beck

A Large School Party just Below the Summit of Silver How

The Very Crowded Summit of Silver How

Not One of the Little Darlings are Interested in the View Down Here

Close up of the Travellers Rest Pub

That's Lunch Over

The Summit of Silver How all to Myself

So That's Where the Little Darlings Went

Leaving the Summit

Below the the Crags of Silver How

A Quick Break to Admire the View

A Close up of the Island on Grasmere Lake

Not Far Now

Silver How from the Layby

Last Look at Helm Crag from the Layby


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