GUERNSEY COASTAL PATH (Including Herm Island & Sark Island) JULY 2015


Day 1 Saturday 18th July 2015 (St Peter Port to Saints Bay)


Victoria Marina St Peter Port

Setting off on the Dockside

Albert Marina St Peter Port

Next up for the Annual Guernsey Hill Climb in St Peter Port

Burning Rubber at the Start of the Hill Climb

The Leader of the Speed Boat Race in Havelet Bay

Still in the Lead Passing Castle Cornet

The Leader Leaving the Bay by the Outdoor Swimming Pool

The Outdoor Swimming Pool too Cold for Some

Heading for the Coastal Path

This Looks Like the Right Way

The Start of Two Days of Steps

Come on

Last Look at Castle Cornet and Havelet Bay

A Twin Prop Aurigny Flight Plane Heading for the Airport

Hands up at the Clarence Battery

The Restored Cannons at Clarence Battery

Following the Trail to Fermain Bay

Another Waymarker

Purple Buddleia

Looking North over Clarence Battery to Castle Cornet

Still Going up

Rowers Racing Between Ozanne Steps and the Island of Herm

Fermain Bay

Having a Break at the Loop-holed Tower known as the Pepper Pot at Fermain Bay

Looking Back to Fermain Bay

View Point Overlooking the Island of Herm

Hiding in the Ferns

Paddleboarding near St Martins Point


Leaving St Martins Point

More Steps

"But of Course I Understand German"

The Top Step onto Jerbourg Point

Looking Back Down at the Light and Fog Station at the end of St Martins Point

Jerbourg Point

Overlooking Some German Observation Bunkers

A Nice Quiet Track

This Way

A Magpie Moth Sunning Itself

The Latest Twin Jet Engine Aurigny Flight Plane Taking Off

Petit Port Bay & Moulin Huet Bay

Looking Over to Icart Point

Climbing Above Moulin Huet Bay

Song Thrush in Hedgerow

Above La Petit Port

Looking Back at La Petit Port

Waymarker to Saints Bay

Cliff Path Between Bays

Last Look at La Petit Port

More Steps

Saints Bay

"It's Spitting" Now Where's the Bus Stop


Day 2 Sunday 19th July 2015 (Saints Bay to Torteval Church)


Boats Moored in Saints Bay

Looking Back Towards Saints Bay and Yesterdays Path

The Loop-holed Tower Overlooking Saints Bay

Stone Waymarker to Icart Point

Cliff Path to Icart Point

More Steps

Keep Smiling

Looking West Towards Petit Bot Bay from Icart Point

Wild Alliums on the Side of the Path

The Cliff Path Stretches out Before us

"This Way Come on"

Still Smiling

The Steps and Ladder Leading Down to the Rocky Cove of Le Jaonnet Bay

The Path on the Cliffs Above Petit Bot Bay

Canoeists Heading Towards a Sea Cave

The Steps Down to the Cafe

The Cafe used to be an Old Watermill and Another Loop-holed Tower at Petit Bot Bay

This Way

Petit Bot Bay

Looking Back Over to Icart Point

The Path goes Inland for a Short Distance

Back to the Coastal Path

Time for a Break

Come on up Here

Another Break near the German Observation Tower at La Prevote

Climbing up to the Tower

Nearly There

For Every up there's a Down

Looking Back at the Tower at La Prevote

The Last Steps of the Day

The Church at Torteval Where we Catch the Bus Back to St Peter Port


Day 3 Monday 20th July 2015 (Herm Island)


The Condor Liberation Ferry Entering St Peter Port (Carrying Nadia & Martin)

The Herm Ferry Leaving St Peter Port

Arriving at Herm Harbour with Guernsey in the Distance

A Rocky Outcrop Near the Harbour

The Costal Path on Le Petit Monceau

A Pose on Le Petit Monceau

Chatting on Mouisonniere Beach on the North of the Island

A Cormorant on a Rocky Outcrop

Posing on a Rock on Mouisonniere Beach

An Oystercatcher Posing on a Rock on Mouisonniere Beach

This Must be Shell Beach

Shell Beach

Deciding Which Cake to Have

Enthusiastic Diggers on Shell Beach

Shell Beach

One of the Many Wild Alliums that Decorate the Side of the Path

Heading South with the Island of Sark in the Distance

Close up of a Fuchsia in a Hedgerow

The Signpost on Belvoir Beach

Below us Belvoir Beach 

Looking Back at Belvoir Beach and Shell Beach

A Small Meadow Brown Butterfly Sunning Itself

A Group of Shags on a Rocky Island

The Condor Liberation Ferry Passing Between Herm and Sark

Coming into View Jethou Island to the South

Looking North Towards the Island of Alderney

"Come on Keep up"

Our Ferry Approaches

The Ferry Heading for Rosiere Steps

A Final Pose on Herm with Jethou Island Behind


Day 4 Tuesday 21st July 2015 (Torteval Church to Vazon Bay )


Back on the Guernsey Coastal Path

A Quick Pose Above the Cliffs

Heading West

Looking West Along the Coastal Cliffs to Mount Herault

A Sea Arch in a Rocky Headland

Back on the Coast Means Back on the Steps

Looking Back Towards the German Observation Tower at La Prevote from Sunday

Ahead of us the 18th Century Mount Herault Watch House

Just Ahead of us the 20th Century German Observation Towers

This Massive Tower Housed Range Finding Equipment for the Nearby Gun Battery

The Well Fortified Tower saw Little Action During WW2

Heading out onto the Headland in Front of the Tower

Having a Break on the Headland

Leaving the Tower

On our Way Again

Heading Towards the Next Tower

Looking Back at the Tall Observation Tower

The Hanois Lighthouse seen Through the Smaller Western Tower Viewing Slot

The Gun at Batterie Dollmann

Boys with Toys

One of the Entrances to the Tunnels 

Inside the Tunnels that Connect the Bunkers at Batterie Dollmann

Looking West out to the now Unmanned Hanois Lighthouse

Passing the German Observation Tower on Pleinmont Point

A Kestrel Looking for Pray Above the Cliffs

Looking Ahead up the Coast to Fort Saumarez

Portelet Bay

For Over 200 years Fort Grey has Stood Guard over Portelet Bay and Rocquaine Bay

Curlew Looking for Prey on the Beach

On the Beach Road to Fort Saumarez

Avoiding the Road by Walking on the Beach Wall

A Tiny Triple Prop Aurigny Flight Plane Heading for the Airport

The Pebbly Beach at the North End of L'eree Bay

No Path so it's Back on the Wall Again

Another Pebbly Beach this time in Perelle Bay

The Huge Sandy Beach on Vazon Bay


Day 5 Wednesday 22nd July 2015 (Sark Island)


The Tunnel Entrance to Sark from Creux Harbour

Which way Now?

An Old Rusty Cannon on Les Laches

Must be This Way

Sark Henge

Sark Henge Looking S/W Along the Coast

Walking onto Derrible Point

Derrible Point

Looking Back Over Derrible Bay Towards Derrible Point

Looking S/W Along the Coast to Little Sark

Dixcart Bay from the Hogsback Ridge

Close up of the Sloe Berries on Hogsback Ridge

Off to the Beach

Heading Towards a Natural Arch in the Sandstone Cliff on Dixcart Bay

Going Through the Arch

A Pose on the Beach in Dixcart Bay

Leaving a Chorley Sculpture on the Beach

Back Through the Arch

A Pose by the Arch

Grape Vines on a South Facing Slope

Up and Over the Stile

Wheat Field Edged with Wild Flowers

Le Coupee, the road Joining Little Sark with the rest of the Island

Time for a Pose

Quiet Country Lane on Little Sark

Guernsey Cows on Little Sark

French for Fawlty Towers

Crossing Back Over Le Coupee

Rush Hour Sark Style

Rush Hour Over

Spot the Odd One Out

The Pilcher Monument

Let's Have Five Minutes

La Havre Gosselin Harbour Between the Little Island of Brecqhou and Sark

Close up of a Sloe Berry

The Island of Brecqhou in Gouliot Bay

Overlooking the Harbour of La Havre Gosselin from the North

Last Horse and Cart to the Ferry

HMS Northumberland Circles the Ferry on our way Back to Guernsey


Day 6 Thursday 23rd July 2015 (Vazon Bay to Pembroke bay)


Morning Surf School in Vazon Bay

Bunker on the Northern Headland of Vazon Bay

A Short Road Walk

Elevenes at Cobo Bay

Leaving Cobo Bay

Saline Bay

You First


Watch Out Below

Making Friends with a Guernsey Cow

Another bit of Wall Walking

Approaching the Loopholed Rousse Tower

One of the Cannons in the Tower

Sailing Boat in Le Grand Havre Bay

Looking Back Across the Bay to the Tower and Snack Kiosk

Click Click

On the Skyline the Parish Church St Michel du Valle

One of the Many Agapanthus Growing by the Side of the Path

Amarreurs Harbour

Looking Back over the Appropriately Named Ladies Bay

This is My Rock

Pembroke Bay

Waiting for the Bus Back to St Peter Port


Day 7 Friday 24thJuly 2015 (Pembroke Bay to St Peter Port)


Back on to the Beach at Pembroke Bay

Heading Towards Martello Tower no 5 on L'ancresse Bay

Rifle Range near Fort La Marchant

Click Click

The Upper Ramparts of Fort La Marchant

The Lower Ramparts of Fort La Marchant

I Wonder What's in There?

A Butty Box Hidden in the Wall

What's This?

Its a "Geocache"

I Feel Another Chorley Sculpture Coming on

Easy Does it

This is Like Pebble Jenga


Lookout on Fort Doyle

Another Pebbly Beach

Beaucette Marina Which is an old Flooded Quarry

Elvis Guernsey Cow Outside Beaucette Marina Yacht Club

Another Old Quarry this time used as a Fish Farm

Inside Le Dehus Dolmen a very well Preserved Prehistoric Burial Chamber

Stranded by the Tide Fishing Boats at Petils Bay

The Cranes in the Industrial Harbour at St Samson

The Marina at St Samson

Journeys End Victoria Marina St Peter Port


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