Wednesday 26th January 2022


Leaving Halton Gill and Heading for Litton

Looking Back Down the Road and the River Skirfare

Crossing the River at 'New Bridge'

Dry River Bed from the Bridge

Little Lane to Litton

The Hamlet of Litton Dead Ahead

Crossing the River Again

A Pose on the Footbridge

Still no Water

Another Footbridge

Little Calf in a Barn

This Way

Leaving Litton

Looking Back Down at Litton

Lower Littondale

Climbing up on a Good Track

Time for Elevenses

All Smiles at Elevenses

Keep Going

Following the Wall into the Clouds

All Smiles on the Very Windy Trig Point on 'Old Cote Moor'

The Wall Shelters us from the Wind as we Leave 'Old Cote Moor'

Birks Tarn

Where's he Going?

Stuck in Peaty Beach

I'm Here

Lunch out of the Wind

We're Here

The Very Windy Summit of 'Birks Fell'

Back in the Shelter of the Wall

Michael with Big Peat Hag

Leaving Peat Behind 

Heading for Sugar Loaf

Up and Over a Stile

Then Another One

Passing the Summit of 'Sugar Loaf'

A Pose near the Top of 'Sugar Loaf'

Still Following the (Windbreak) Wall and Heading to 'Horse Head'

The Trig Point on 'Horse Head' with 'Plover Hill' from Last Week in the Background

Holding Each Other up as we Descend into the Wind at 'Horse Head Gate'

Leaning Into the Wind with 'Pen-y-ghent' from Last Week now in the Background

Heading Down into Littondale

We're Here

Halton Gill

Close up of Car Park


   Copyright 2022 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.