Wednesday 29th June 2022


Boots on in Hardraw with the Track for the Pennine Way Behind

Leaving Wensleydale via the Pennine Way

In the Sunshine and Heading for 'Great Shunner Fell'

Looking South over Wensleydale to 'Dodd Fell & Wether Fell' (Both Bagged Earlier this Month)

Looking East Towards our Track Back to the Road Sometime this Afternoon

Higher we go

A Golden Plover in it's Black Breeding Plumage

Walking on Paving Stones

Leading the Way Ahead of our New Zealand Friends (Walking from London to Scotland)

The Summit Shelter of 'Great Shunner Fell'

Leaving 'Great Shunner Fell' and Heading for the Road and 'Lovely Seat'

Close up of the Pile of Stones on 'Lovely Seat'

A Stoat Caught in a Trap

Heading for the Cattle Grid Car Park on the 'Butter Tubs Pass Road' and 'Lovely Seat'

Climbing Again

Looking back at the Cattle Grid Car Park and 'Great Shunner Fell'

Close up of the Shelter on 'Great Shunner Fell'

Nearly There

Easy Does it

The Summit of 'Lovely Seat'

A Lovely Seat on 'Lovely Seat'

Another Pose on a 'Lovely Seat'

Leaving 'Lovely Seat'

Another Trap

One of Two American Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 'Tilt-Rotor Military Aircraft' Flying Overhead (Looking Like Two Giant Drones)

On the Track and Heading for the Road

Down the Road to Hardraw

Another Lovely Seat this Time in Hardraw


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