Sunday 14th January 2018


Boots on in the Hamlet of Hartsop

Ready for the Off Under the Northern Ridge of Hartsop Dodd

Ahead is the Northern Ridge of Gray Crag which is our Descent Route

The Dry Stone Wall is our Route on to the North Ridge of Hartsop Dodd

Higher up we go

Last Look at Gray Crag across the Valley

Looking Back Down to Hartsop

A Close up of the Car Park

Brothers Water from the top of the Ridge

Looking Down on Patterdale

Into the Icy Wind on the Summit of Hartsop Dodd

It's Getting Colder the Higher we go

On Frozen Ground as we Follow the the Wall up Cauldale Moor

A Pose on the Summit of Cauldale Moor 'Stony Cove Pike'

Which Way Now?

Close up of 'Rime Ice' that has formed on the Surrounding Rocks on the Summit

Heading Down into Threshthwaite Mouth

Sandwich in Threshthwaite Mouth

Climbing up the Other Side

Keep Going

'Rime Ice' on Grass

The Summit of Thornthwaite Crag

A Quick Pose

Another Pose Against the Very Tall Cain

Heading Down to Gray Crag

It's Down there Somewhere

Walking on Water

With the Wind Now Behind us I try to Fly

Passing the Summit of Gray Crag our Last Hill of the Day

Heading Down the North Ridge of Gray Crag

An Old Barn with the our Route up the Northern Ridge of Hartsop Dodd Behind

The New Hydro Powerhouse with the Northern Ridge of Hartsop Dodd Behind


   Copyright 2018 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.