Wednesday 21st February 2018


In the Distance is the Wainwright The Knott my First Hill for Today

The North Ridge of the Wainwright Hartsop Dodd (Bagged Last Month)

Ahead the Wainwright Gray Crag (Also Bagged Last Month)

Close up of The Knott

Looking up the Valley of Pasture Beck Towards Threshthwaite Cove and Raven Crag

The Sun Lights up Hartsop Dodd 

Heading up the Access Road to Hayeswater 

The Sun Lights up Brock Crags and Calfgate Gill Above the Shaded Filter House

Further up the Valley The Knott Getting Nearer

Looking Back Down at the Footbridge

Gray Crag and Hayeswater  

Part of the Helvellyn Range of Mountains above Brock Crags

Heading Into the Sun 

Looking Back Down the Hartsop Valley

Rest Dodd & The Nab (Both Bagged 2017)

Close up of Helvellyn and Catstycam

Ahead is High Rise and Rampsgill Head from Near the Top of The Knott

Thornthwaite Crag (Also Bagged Last Month) and Gray Crag  above Hayeswater 

Hayeswater and the Hartsop Valley from Near the Top of The Knott

Gray Crag Reflected in the Waters of Hayeswater 

High Rise and Rampsgill Head from the Summit of The Knott

High Street from the Summit of The Knott

A Pose on the Summit of my First Hill Today The Knott

Leaving the Summit of The Knott Behind

High Rise from Rampsgill Head

Looking Back to Rest Dood

Another Close up of Helvellyn and Catstycam

Kidsty Pike for a Visit Later on

Blackpool Bob near the Top of High Rise

A 'MOOSE' on the Summit of High Rise

High Street from High Rise

Blackpool Bob Heading for Rampsgill Head

Rampsgill Head and The Knott

Now for Kidsty Pike with High Street Behind

Looking Down Riggindale to Haweswater from the Top of Kidsty Pike

High Street from Kidsty Pike

A Pose on the Summit of Kidsty Pike

Leaving Kidsty Pike Behind

A Couple of Fell Runners Running up Rampsgill Head

Hayeswater Again   

Thornthwaite Crag & Gray Crag above Hayeswater  

Family Man Climbing up The Knott

Two Walkers Heading up Rest Dodd from the C2C Path

Brock Crags from Satura Crags on the C2C Path

Hayeswater and Gray Crag

Gray Crag from near the Top of Brock Crags

Reflections in One of the Little Tarns near the Summit 

Angletarn Pikes (Bagged 2017) and Angle Tarn from Brock Crags

The Summit of Brock Crags is Dead Ahead

Five Wainwrights Completed Today

Gray Crag above the Filter House

Clearly Seen Below Gray Crag is this Mornings Route

Nearly Back to Hartsop

Close up of the Car Park


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