Wednesday 9th July 2014


Ben Lomond from Loch Ard

Beinn Narnain (left), Ben Vane (Middle) and Ben Vorlich (right) from Loch Arklet

The Loch Arklet Dam

Grazing Highland Coo Near Start of Walk

The First View of Beinn a' Choin and the Bridge is the Only Effort Made to Maintain theTrack

Ben Vorlich from near the New Deer Fence

Scottish Bilberry (Blaeberry, Whinberry) Scottish Orchid

The Knobbly Western Ridge of Beinn a' Choin

The Distant Loch Long and Beinn Narnain

Ben Lomond and Loch Lomond

Part of a Herd of Curious Feral Goats

A Light Plane Bussing Over Head

Loch Lomond and Loch Long From Near the Summit

The Summit of Beinn a' Choin Looking North

A Couple Having Lunch on the Summit Above a Tiny Lochan

The Old Deer Fence Clings to The Rocky Out Crops

Beinn Narnain and Ben Vane Above Inveruglas Power Station

Loch Arklet From Stob an Fhainne

The Old Deer Fence Continues Over the Summit

Ben Lomond Seen Above Loch Arklet

Old Deer Fence Meets New Deer Fence Above the Dam at Loch Arklet

The RSPB Car Park at Garrison

Royal Navy Helicopter

One Honed Highland Coo With Calf


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