South Coast (St Clement Bay to Portelet Bay)


Our Sister Ship the Condor Rapide Taken from the Condor Empress

View from Hotel Bedroom First Night

Lighthouse near Hotel at La Mare Slip

Click Click on the Beach

The Waste Power Station on the Edge of St Helier

Havre Des Pas Promenade on the Outskirts of St Helier

Cheeky Postcards on Tea Van and Yellow Jersey Phone Box

One of the Many Docks Around the Old Harbour

Rowers Back from a Training Session

Entrance to the Old Harbours

Lining up for the Start of the Dragon Race

Team Talk for Purple Team

All Aboard

Racing for the Finishing Line

Waiting to Dock

Close up of Smoking Dragon Boat Figure Head

Posh Boats in Elizabeth Marina (Any Colour you want as long as it's Navy Blue and White)

The Freedom Tree and Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle from the Sea Wall

Heading Down to the St Aubin's Beach

Elizabeth Castle Looking Like a Ship

Plane Heading Towards the Airport

Seaweed Divides the Beach

Beach Hut Café on St Aubin's Bay

St Aubin's Fort from the Beach which is Covered in Seaweed at Low Tide

St Aubin's Harbour

St Aubin's Fort with St Helier on the Other Side of the Bay

A Quiet Little Lane Climbs out of St Aubin's

Very Dry Fields for the Time of Year

One of the Many Green Lanes on Jersey

St Aubin's Fort from Noirmont Point

German Guns and Bunkers on Noirmont Point

The Black and White Noirmont Tower Surrounded by Small Boats

Portelet Tower Surrounded by Small Boats at High Tide (Off to the Portelet Inn to wait for Bus)

West Coast (Portelet Bay to St Ouen's Bay)

Portelet Island Now Joined to the Mainland

Portelet Bay

Portelet Beach

The Whole Beach to Myself

The Western Cliffs of Portelet Bay

Climbing out of Portelet Bay

German Command Bunker/Lookout and Noirmont Tower on Noirmont Point

Portelet Bay from the Western Cliffs

Some of the Granite Outcrops on top of the Cliffs

The Path Goes Through a Natural Arch  

Portelet Common

Portelet Common Ends Then Drops Away to the Beach

The Red Tower on St Brelade's Bay

The Zig Zag Stone Steps Down the Beach

Where's the Nice Sandy Beach Gone?

That's Better

Canoeists Landing on St Brelade's Bay

The Whole Beach to Myself Again

Climbing Off the Beach by Going Through St Brelade's Parish Church Grounds

Jersey Cow

Steps up out of Fiquet Bay

Looking Back Down Rocky Fiquet Bay 

View Point Overlooking the East Side of St Brelade's Bay

Must be This Way

Red Admiral Butterfly Enjoying the Late Summer Sunshine

The Meteorological Radar Station on La Lande du Quest (SSSI Area)

First Site of Corbiére Lighthouse from La Rosre

Corbiére Point

Narrow Gauge Railway Coming from the Desalination Plant

Our Condor Ferry Passing a Group of Jet Skiers 

Climbing up out of Le Petit Port

Corbiére Lighthouse from the North

La Rocco Tower on St Ouen's Bay

Plane Coming to Land at the now Very Near Nearby Airport

North Coast (St Ouen's Bay to Bouley Bay)

Leaving the Zig Zag Road for the Zig Zag Path at L'Etacq at the North End of St Ouen's Bay

More Steps

Time for a Breather and a Photo

Camouflaged German Gun (Nearly Missed it)

Smile, Say Cheese and Fire

"I'm Over Here"

German Tower on Les Landes (SSSI area)

German Tower & Lookout Post on top of Underground Bunkers

A Monstrous Rock Called Le Pinacle Overlooks a Boat

German Tower

Only the Main Entrance Arch is Left Standing of Gronez Castle

A Small Signal Station Behind Castle

Heading East Along the Cliff Path With Plémont Point Coming into View

A Late Second Brood (Wall Brown Butterfly) Enjoying The September Sunshine

First Glimpse of Plémont Bay

Plémont Beach

Off to the Café Near the Beach

A Couple on a Bench on the Skyline Above the Western Cliffs near Gronez Castle

The Beach Café at Plémont Bay


A Lobster Fisherman Moving Between Pots

Back on the Cliff Path

More Steps and Zig Zags Up and Down

Greve De Lecq Beach

Dog Digging a Trench on Beach

Bringing a Boat up to the Slipway at Low Tide

Lifeguard Collecting One of the Safe Bathing Flags

The Parish Church at St Johns

Apple Orchard Near St Johns

Fields of Young Spring Lettuce Under Nets

Back on the Coastal Path

St Johns Bay with Rońaz Point Beyond Which is the Most Northerly Point of Jersey

The Island of Sark to the North West

Our Path Ahead

This Way

Looking Back West

High Above the Little Harbour at Bonne Nuit Bay

Great Green Bush Cricket on the Steps Down to Bonne Nuit Bay

Boats in Bonne Nuit Bay

No Wonder it Takes Longer to Walk Anywhere Nowadays

Must be This Way

Bonne Nuit Bay From the East

Up or Down?

Up More Steps

"Come on Keep Going"

The Upper and Lower Paths Meet at Belle Hougue Point

The Stone Guardhouse at La Créte

The Last Look Back Towards the West

Down More Steps

The Coastal Path Keeps High Hugging the Cliffs

Into Some Woods for the Change

We Must be Near Now

The Last up Hill for Today

No More Steps Today

Even Our Bus Has to Zig Zag


The Slipway at Bouley Bay (Its either the Black Dog or Mad Mary's now as we wait for the Bus)

Condor Ferry Leaving St Helier Harbour Taken From Our Bedroom Window

East Coast (Rozel Bay to Gorey)

Colourful Rozel Bay

Seaweed Hanging from Mooring Ropes

"He's Only Just had Breakfast"!

I will Just Have a Coffee

Looking Back at Rozel Bay from the East

Ahead is La Coupe Point Which is the Northern End of Fliquet Bay

This Way

A Quiet Lane Leads Down to the Bay

An Old Rusty Anchor on Wall in Fliquet Bay

A Novel Old Rusty Chain Link Fence Outside the Restored Fortress at Fliquet Bay

Say Cheese

Fliquet Bay From St Catherine's Break Water

Looking Over St Catherine's Bay from the Break Water

A Group of Female Cyclists on the Break Water

Fishing Boats in St Catherine's Bay With the French Coastline in the Background

Yet Another Plane Heading Towards the Airport and One That's Not

The Far End of the Break Water

Making our Way South on the Sea Wall Near the Road

Slipway in the Middle of St Catherine's Bay 

Leaving St Catherine's Tower Behind

The Red & White La Roche Rondel 

Last Look Back Over The Tower and St Catherine's Bay 

A Brief Visit to Anne Port

Mount Orguell Castle

East Coast (St Clement Bay to Gorey)

The Tide is Well Out

La Rocque Tower

Back Down to the Beach

Stranded Boat on Beach

Back on a Nice Sandy Beach

Man on the Forage for Lunch

Lunch Hiding from the Man

Don't Like this Squidgy Seaweed

Close up of Seaweed

Not Much Better Underfoot at Jersey Tower No 1

This is More Like it

Kite Surfer on the Beach

Another Jersey Round Tower

Off the Beach,Then Back on Again


Gorey Harbour and Mount Orguell Castle

Kite Surfer near the Harbour

Gorey Harbour

Gorey and Mount Orguell Castle


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