Saturday 18th June 2016


Arrived Early and Parked in a Farmers Field

On the Garburn Pass to the East of Kentmere Village

Approaching the Zig Zags

Looking Back at Kentmere Village

Higher up the Pass

Reaching the top of the Garburn Pass

Heading North Towards York with Sallows & Sour Howes Behind us

Keep Going

Red Screes to the West

Close up of the Kirkstone Pass Road

Higher up we go

Setting off Again After a bit of Foot Maintenance 

Steady on!

Not Far Now with Windermere in the Distance

Arriving at the Start of the Ridge 

The Summit of York with Ill Bell in the Distance

See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil,

Elevenses on the Summit of York (No1)

A Close up of Nan Bield Pass

Some Walkers Leaving the Summit of York

Ill Bell Dead Ahead

The Kentmere Reservoir Below Harter Fell

Nearly There

Keep Going Not Far Now

The Southern Cairn of Ill Bell

A Pose by the Summit Cairn of Ill Bell (No2)

Leaving the Summit of  Ill Bell

Ill Bell Now Behind us

The Kentmere Reservoir with Kentmere Pike in the Distance

Admiring the View 

Lake Windermere,Troutbeck Tongue and Wansfell Pike

A Pose on the Summit of Froswick (No3) with Thornthwaite Crag in the Distance 

Come on Keep up

Nearly There

Lunch on the Summit of Thornthwaite Crag (No4)

Leaving Thornthwaite Crag Behind

The Mountains York, Ill Bell and Froswick Climbed Earlier on in the Day 

Close up Ill Bell and Froswick

The Summit of Mardale Ill Bell (No5) 

Heading for the Nan Bield Pass with the top of  Ill Bell in the Distance


Small Water and Haweswater Come into View

Heading Down to the Nan Bield Pass

The Nan Bield Ridge and Harter Fell Lie Ahead

Kentmere Res Below York and Ill Bell 

Heading up the Ridge

Short Cut Half Way up

High up on the Ridge with Small Water Below

The Summit of Harter Fell (No6)

Heading Towards Kentmere Pike

The Summit of Kentmere Pike (No7)

Time to Reflect

A Reflection of the Dry Stone Wall in a Puddle

Negotiating a Ladder Stile

Passing a Bank of Cotton Grass on the way to our Last Top

The Summit of Shipman Knott (No8)

Still Smiling on the Last Summit Pose of the Day

The Sun Comes out as we Hit the Valley Floor

Heading Back into Kentmere

The Upper Kentmere Valley and Horseshoe


   Copyright 2016 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.