Monday 4th March  2024


(No Where to Park in Kentmere) So Boots on by Millriggs Farm over a Mile Away

'Kentmere Pike' 'Goat Scar' and 'Shipman Knotts' from the Road  

Kentmere Church

My Hills Getting Closer

Looking up the Kentmere Valley to the 'High Street' Mountain Range

Looking up Towards 'Wray Crag'

The Kentmere Valley from 'Wray Crag'

The Pile of Stones on Summit of the Wainwright 'Shipman Knotts' (Last Visited June 2016) 

Looking West Towards Last Weeks Hills

'Kentmere Pike' Dead Ahead

Looking Back at 'Shipman Knotts'

Reaching the Top of 'Goat Scar'

Looking North from 'Goat Scar' to 'Brantree' and 'Selsde Pike' (Last Bagged in Jan 2024 & April 2019)

Looking East from 'Goat Scar' to the Survey Post on Top of 'Tarn Crag' (Bagged in Jan 2024 & Oct 2019)

Icy Puddle

The Snow Getting Deeper 

Nearly There

A Selfie on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Kentmere Pike' (Last Visited June 2016)  

Heading Back Down Towards 'Goat Scar' and 'Shipman Knotts'

Looking South to 'Brunt Knott' (Bagged Nov 2023)

The Longsleddale Valley

Looking Back at Wray Crag

The Long and Winding Road Back

The Kentmere Hills from Stile End


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