LANGDALE April 2019


Wednesday 24th April 2019


Parked up at the Old Dungeon Ghyll at the End of Great Langdale

Looking Toward Bowfell from the Track to Stool End Farm

The Langdale Pikes (Bagged 2015 & 2016) from the Track to Stool End Farm 

Taking the Right Fork up the Band

Looking back down Langdale

Crinkle Crags (Bagged 2016) from the Path on the Band

The Gang of 3 who I met on Branstree last Week Overtake me Again this Week

Striding out Towards Bowfell

Bowfell from the Path

The Gang of 3 Head for the Summit of Bowfell via the Climbers Traverse

There they go

Bowfell from one of the Three Tarns 

Scafell & Scafell Pike (Both Bagged 1997) from one of the Three Tarns

Looking Down on the Three Tarns

The Great Slab of Flat Crags on Bowfell

One of the many Stone Cairns on Top of Bowfell

The Jumble of Rocks up to the Summit

Scafell & Scafell Pike from the Summit of the Wainwright Bowfell

Summit Pose taken by one of the Group of 3 Again

A Group of Walkers on the Path Climbing up from the Three Tarns

Looking Back at the Path up Bowfell

The Irish Woman Starting the Climb up Bowfell from Three Tarns

Pike o' Blisco (Bagged 2016) & Red Tarn from the Band

The Langdale Pikes and Mickleden Valley from the Band

Looking back up to Bowfell

A Man on the Footpath above Stool End Farm

Looking down Langdale from the Band

Close up of the Car Park

The Langdale Pikes and the Mickleden Valley from the Band

Stool End Farm at the Bottom of the Band

Last Look at the Langdale Pikes


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