Thursday 2nd June 2016 (Old Dungeon Ghyll)


Great Knott and Crinkle Crags on the Skyline as we Leave the Old Dungeon Ghyll Car Park

Pike 'o' Stickle and Loft Crag above the Mickleden Valley

Walkers Crossing the Footbridge Over Oxendale Beck

Starting to Climb up Towards Red Tarn

Around Brown Howe

Time to Take in the View

Nearly at theTarn

Leaving the Tarn for the Climb up to the Top of Pike 'o' Blisco

A Pose on the Summit of Pike 'o' Blisco

Close up of the Car Park at the Old Dungeon Ghyll from the Summit

Leaving Pike 'o' Blisco and Heading for the Long Path up the Other Side

Approaching Red Tarn

We Separate half way up the Path

Crinkle Crags from near the top of Cold Pike

Close up of the Girls on the Path

The Summit of Cold Pike

The Girls Still Going Strong on the Never Ending Path up

Looking Back at Cold Pike

Looking Back at Pike 'o' Blisco from near the End of the Path

The Girls Waiting Below the1st Crinkle

Heading up the 1st Crinkle

Steady on

One Crinkle Down Four more to go

Looking Back Down Oxendale from the Ascent of Long Top

Scafell and Scafell Pike from the Top of Crinkle Crags

The Summit of the 2nd & Highest Crinkle (Long Top)

Leaving Long Top

The Northern End of Long Top from the Third Crinkle

Pike 'o' Blisco from the Third Crinkle

Admiring the View from the Fourth Crinkle

Another Close up of the Car Park

Climbing Down the Fifth and Final Crinkle

Ahead Lies the Long Track Back Known as the Band

Looking Across to Pike 'o' Blisco from the Band

Not Far Now


   Copyright 2016 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.