Wednesday 3rd August 2022


Boots on in the Torridon Hotel Car Park

Climbing Through the Woods

Waterfalls on Route

Leaving the Woods and Heading for the Hills

Higher we Climb into the Clouds

The Northern Top of 'Beinn Damh'

Heading Along the Rocky Ridge to the Summit

The Pile of Stones on 'Spidean Coire' an Laoigh' the Summit of  'Beinn Damh'

Lunch on the Summit

Heading Back Along the Ridge

The Thick Cloud Starts to Break up as we Descend

Admiring the View Over Loch Torridon

Wet Shorts!

'Ben Alligin' (Bagged 2005) Comes into View as the Clouds Lift

Still Hanging on to a bit of Cloud 'Maol Chean Dearg' (Bagged 2000)

'Beinn Damh' Now Free of Cloud

A Pose with the Last Tree

'Beinn Damh' and Loch Damh from the Road back to Lochcarron

'Beinn Damh' (Just Bagged) 'Maol Chean Dearg' (Bagged 2000) and 'An Ruadh Stac' (Bagged 2019)


Thursday 4th August 2022


Parked up with Today's Hill in the Background

Heading down the Track to Coulin Lodge

The 'Beinn Eighe' Mountain Range from the Track

Click Click on the Side of Loch Clair Looking Towards the 'Liathach' and 'Beinn Eighe' Mountain Ranges

Passing Loch Clair

Today's Hill and 'Liathach

Our Hill 'Sgurr Dudh' Overlooking Loch Clair

Into the Woods Behind Coulin Lodge

A Waterfall in the Woods

Heading for the Hills

Looking at the Route Ahead

Starting to Climb More Steeply Now

Heading for the Low Point on the Ridge with the Summit to the Right

Climbing Higher

Nearly There

On the Ridge After Sheltering from the Heavy Shower

Contouring Round the Slabs

Reaching the Low Point on the Ridge

The First of Many Unnamed Lochans on this Hill 

Looking up at the Gully

Climbing Above the Second Lochan then Heading for the Summit

At Last the Summit of the Corbett 'Sgurr Dudh'

A Pose on the Summit

Click Click on the Summit

Looking Down to the Car at the End of the Track

The 'Liathach' Mountain Range (Bagged 2004)

The 'Beinn Eighe' Mountain Range (Bagged 2006)

Time for Lunch in the Sunshine

Lunch High Above Loch Clair and the Road to Kinlochewe

Leaving the Summit

Admiring the View

Looking Down on Some of the Small Lochans

Back Down to the Second Lochan

A Pose by the Second Lochan 

Heading Back Down the Gully to the First Lochan 

Looking South to 'Sgorr nan Lochan Uaine' (for Another Day)

Last Look at 'Beinn Eighe' from Loch Clair


Friday 5th August 2022


Parked up in the Car Park at Craig (Last Visited 2008)

Heading Down the Track

First View of our Hill

Glen Carron and 'Fuar Tholl' (Bagged 2019)


The Western Cliffs on 'Sgurr nan Ceannaichean'

Zig Zagging in the Rain

On Top Heading for the Summit

Loch 'Sgurr na Feartaig' near the Summit

'Sgurr Choinnich' and 'Sgurr a Chaorachain' from the Loch (Both Bagged 2000)

Lunch Near the Summit

Reaching the Summit

The 'Coulin Hills' from Near the Summit

A Pose on the Summit of the Corbett 'Sgurr na Feartaig'

The Coulin Hills and the Outflow of Loch 'Sgurr na Feartaig'

A Pose by the Loch

Close up of the Outflow

Crossing the Outflow

Click Click by Loch 'Sgurr na Feartaig'

'Sgurr Choinnich' and 'Sgurr a Chaorachain' Beyond the Loch

Leaving the Summit

'Sgurr nan Ceannaichean' and 'Moruisg' (Both Bagged 2000)

Heading Back Down

A Brief Rest and Pose on a Rock

Nearly Back Down to the Valley

Admiring the View

Nearly There




Last Look at our Hill from the Track

Still a Long Way to go


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