Wednesday 14th October 2915


Entering the Lettermay Forest

Part of the Cowal Way

Lochgoilhead from the Forest Track

The Edge of the Forest

Deer on the Track

Only the Lower Cliffs of Beinn Bheula are Visible Above the Waterfall

Into the Woods Still Following the Cowal Way

I Wonder what Sort of Spiders Made These?

Nearing the Top of the Waterfall

Looking Back Down the Glen

The Cloud Free Graham Beinn Lochain from above the Waterfall

Looking back Towards Lochgoilhead

Following the Fence Towards the Crags

A Quick Pose at the Start of the Crags

Curra Lochain Just Visible Through the Mist

Need to Pick my way Through the Lower Crags

The Higher Crags Guarding the Summit

The Summit of Beinn Bheula

Leaving the Summit and Heading Towards the Southern Top Creag Sgoilte

Lochain nan Cnalmh Appears out of the Mist

Looking back at the Northern Cliffs of Creag Sgoilte

Harvestman Spider on a Fence

Another Harvestman Spider

This way Down was Like Going Though Loads of Turnstiles

Then on a Boggy Firebreak

After Stumbling over Loads of Dead Trees I Finally Reach a Rough Forest Track

The Graham Beinn Lochain and the Waterfall Passed this Morning

The Bridge over Lettermay Burn and Waterfall

Last Look Back at Beinn Bheula


   Copyright 2015 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.