Friday 13th August 2010


First View of Gairich From Loch Garry

Tomorrows Second Hill Spidean Mialach From The Road

Gairich Looking a Lot Nearer Now

Loch Quoich Dam From The Road

Loch Quoich Dam From The Car Park

Crossing The Dam After Climbing The Locked Gate

Gairich Above Loch Quoich

The Stalkers Path Looking Back on The Approach Path Below

Looking East Down Glen Garry Towards The Pyramid Like Ben Tee

Tomorrows Hills Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach to The North of Loch Quoich

Approaching The Summit of Gairich

Looking South Over Glen Kingie

Is There Someone on The Summit Ridge

Looks Like Oliver Nearing The Summit

He is Not Alone

Glen Kingie

A Drink on The Summit of Gairich

Now For That Summit Pose

Spidean Mialach Above The Dam on Loch Quoich

On The Side of Loch Quoich an Ancient Tree Root is all That's Left of a Once Vast Forest

Gairich Seen From The Tomdun Hotel

Saturday 14th August 2010

The Start of The Stalkers Path and a Warning About Disturbing Deer. (I Should be so Lucky) 

Maybe It Will Clear up Later

A Little Bit of Colour From an Orchid on an Otherwise Grey Day

A Car Making it's Way on The Single Track Road up The Side of Loch Quoich

Not Getting Any Brighter Yet

Looking Back Down The Loch at Yesterday's Route

The Path Ahead

Looking up Loch Quoich

A Closer Look at The Very Substantial Bridge For a Very Minor Road

This Has Got to be One of The Best Stalkers Paths

The Shoulder is Now Behind me

The Couple From Bolton Getting Closer

They Are Getting Even Closer

Alien Landing Strip Hidden at Alltbeithe in Remote Glen Quoich

The Final Assault on The Summit

The Summit of Gleouraich

Spidean Mialach Lies Ahead With One of The Bolton Couple Now in Front 

Looking North to One of The Middle Munros on The South Clunie Ridge Aonach air Chrith

The Way Ahead is Clear

Yesterdays Munro Gairich Still With a Cap of Cloud on it

Looking Back Towards The Summit of Gleouraich

I am Catching Them up

Gairich is Now Free From Cloud and so is Sgurr Mor Which we Will Climb Later in The Week

The Summit Cairn of Gleouraich Can Still be Clearly Seen

One More Down Then up and It's Getting Brighter

Part of The South Clunie Ridge Still in Sunshine

The Bolton Couple Nearing The Summit 

The Sky is Getter More Blue by The Minute Above Gairich

The High Peak in The Middle is Sgurr Mor

Now There's a Treat as I Near The Summit

The South Clunie Ridge Now in Sunshine

Now Bathed in Sunshine The Summit of Spidean Mialach

Looking East Toward Loch Loyne and Loch Garry

Looking Back Over to Gleouraich From The Summit of Spidean Mialach

Heading Down Now and I'm Not Alone

Last View Looking East up Loch Quoich


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